veloci in boracay

What do I have in common with the likes of Antoinette Taus, Karen Pamintuan, Sanya Smith, Marc Nelson, Ornusa Cadness and more?

These "lakas maka celebrity" watches by Veloci! :P

It was super hot in Boracay and although I would have loved to accessorize, I couldn't face up to the thought of having anything around my neck or numerous bracelets around my arm sticking to my skin with a combination of sweat and sunblock.

What to do? Took my cue from these gorgeous and stylish celebrities and used my eye-catching Veloci watch as a statement piece to compliment all my beach outfits. :)

With a price tag starting at just P1000+, these new watches by Veloci are definitely the best functional "It" accessory to have this summer!