watsons triple treats bmw winner

Remember this poster?

Because of this, I bought more toothpaste than needed, more shampoo, vitamins and what have yous than needed.

I rarely join raffles but this was something I really wanted to win.

I'd skip toiletries at the grocery and go out of my way to purchase what we needed at Watsons. Why not? Yes, I was sometimes a headache to Dennis but a BMW. A BMW.

A cute BMW.


So last April 30, I was crossing my fingers, toes and eyes just like everyone else. I even dreamt of the car.

My heart shattered when this guy won instead...

Bernabe Abando you are one lucky guy.

And kudos to you for being able to keep up your composure throughout the ordeal (?!)...

I probably would have been doing my happy dance the entire time I was being awarded by Watsons Marketing Director Viki Encarnacion, Watsons Marketing Head Sharon Presbitero, and Watsons Marketing Assistant Hal Echave.

Kainis. Hahaha, but oh well, as you can see, it really pays to shop at Watsons and stalk their Facebook page at least  once a week. They have promos all the time, maybe not always as huge as this one but last I checked, they were giving away trips and GoPro's weekly. Not too shabby.

So make sure you connect with Watsons socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@watsonsph)