will crossfit make you "big"? (+1st month progress)

Will Crossfit Make You Big?

This was my biggest concern before I started doing Crossfit. I tend to bulk easily and the last time I did any sort of weight-training in the gym, I ended up wider than I intended and fatter when I stopped working out.

Googling the term "Crossfit Body Women" did not help either because the photos that would come up were often of big muscular women carrying gargantuan size weights.

But after further research, I discovered that all these women are competition level professionals and work extremely hard to achieve that sort of body. They take pride in their shape because getting there wasn't easy. Women don't have enough testosterone in their body to develop that much muscle. You will need to take supplements and eat like an athlete (or maybe a man) before you look anything remotely like them.

So to answer the question, NO. Crossfit will not make you big nor bulky

Since I have always been a fan of waifs, Kate Moss and "heroine-chic", I breathed a huge sigh of relief.

However the problem with looking stick-model thin (aside from Dennis not being a fan of that) is that my body isn't made that way. I am curvy and that's something I need to accept, not fight.

Besides after much pondering, I realized that stick-thin doesn't age well. Most of the older Hollywood celebrities with bodies I admire are muscular and toned....

When you get older, I'm speaking 2 or maybe 3 decades away (depends how old you are), thin and frail  tend to look sickly and unhealthy. At times, it even makes you look older than your actual age. Older women with toned bodies look healthy and much younger.

I'm not saying that all these Hollywood Celebrities are doing Crossfit. Maybe some are and some aren't but from my personal experience, the fastest and most fun way to get there is by doing Crossfit.

At 30+, I am not getting any younger and I think it is about time I change my lifestyle and start getting stronger while I still can. If I wait 'til I'm 40, it might be harder to gain the same momentum.

So what do the "real women" of Crossfit look like? After some more research, I finally found a few photos of "normal" women who do Crossfit.

If you want a toned body, a flat tummy and a firm butt in a short period of time, do Crossfit.

After just a month of going to my box, I am already noticing changes in my body.
The results may not appear very obvious yet but in a short span of time, my posture has improved A LOT(I'm not as kuba "hunchbacked" as before),  my legs and arms are firmer, I'm starting to develop abs (although I still need to get rid of the fat around my belly to make the muscles show), and even my butt (which needs a lot of work from years spent on the couch) is starting to look better! 

Here's a photo of myself taken during the Praiaz event held last April 8 and another taken last April 29 during the Palmolive event, both unedited.

My shoulders and back are straighter and my thighs don't look as bloated :)
crossfit body women
 In conclusion: No, Crossfit won't get you big nor bulky but yes, your body will change. You will not end up looking like Kate Moss maybe more like the girls on the cover of Sports Illustrated (I wish! :P hahaha). Strong, toned and healthy.

My Box: Crossfit Greenhills holds free trial classes every Saturday at 2pm and they are now accepting applicants for Batch 3 of Crossfit 101.

ps. don't forget to ask about the special early bird discount rate! ;)

for more info, connect with Crossfit Greenhills socially on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (@CFGreenhills) or contact them via the numbers/email address listed in the photo above

Crossfit Greenhills is an affiliate of WodNation and is located at the 4th Floor, Intrawest Center, #33 Annapolis St, Greenhills, San Juan


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