carolina herrera 212 vip rose launch

Niner Ichi Nana, BGC.

This is where I learned the art of mixing all sorts of things the cosmopolitan New Yorker way.

The fun event was organized in honor of Carolina Herrera's newest fragrance for women, 212 VIP Rose.

During the launch, we were divided into groups and taught how to mix cocktails, music and make-up.

Although seemingly unrelated and irrelevant, learning these skills from experts in the field made us realize the meticulous process involved in mixing something regardless of its medium.

It's takes years of training and education to pull it off flawlessly plus an enormous amount of talent to set you apart and make you stand out from the pack.

And that is what the perfumers at Carolina Herrera have: skill, impressive talent and in my opinion, one of the best noses in the industry.

They have consistently been at the top of my list of fragrances since the 90s and the new 212 VIP Rose is no exception.

When managed the wrong way, Rose can smell old, heady and outdated. When done right, it's intoxicatingly delicious. The type of scent that keeps you wanting more. Definitely sexy but refined at the same time. That is how I can best describe the new 212 VIP Rose fragrance from Carolina Herrera. Definitely my new favorite. Pretty sure your nose and all the other noses around you will love it too.