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Great Morning!!! :)

I don't mean to sound annoyingly over optimistic but I woke up today and was reminded that there are a lot of things in life to be grateful for. Owing this in part to an old friend/reader of mine who sent me the most beautiful message this morning. You know who you are and I would just like to thank you again for taking the time to share those kind words with me. Like I told you, it's the fuel I need to keep going and to be reminded why I do what I do especially during more difficult days when I tend to doubt myself. So again, thank you so much, you don't know how much I appreciate it.

Moving on to the outfit....

This is what I wore to the Dorothy Perkins/Burton Menswear opening a few days ago in SM Megamall's Mega Fashion Hall. Kept things clean and simple because sometimes I find it refreshing to not focus too much on trends and just wear something that feels comfortable and polished yet not overly studied.

This is the reason why I love shopping for basic pieces that have a slight twist to them.

tres shoes
3 Key Pieces in this OOTD are:

1. my bespoke " Soul Child" necklace
2. white blouse with sheer shoulder panels
3. nude sandals with interesting heel/wedge detail

plaid skirt street style
I ordered my necklace from renowned jewelry designer Elena Bautista who is known for upcycling fine jewelry and her monogram pieces. She recently opened a more affordable line of accessories for everyday wear called "Memento". The premise of Memento is to come up with a word that reminds you of something close to your heart. I chose the word "SoulChild" because it helps me remember that there is always something "bigger than us" and that I need to stay grounded at all times.

Soul Child A Soul child is someone who both trusts and loves themselves and others. Their definitive power comes from their almighty source and the universe. They retain a sense of innoncence yet at the time embody wisdom. They have ordered love in which they love their higher power, then themselves, and then their fellow beings. This soul child is rare and always a blessing to encounter. Everyone has one in them, they just have to be open to it...

elena bautista
stradivarius plaid skirt
It's an old fact that a crisp white shirt should be a mainstay in anyone's wardrobe. I totally agree but my problem with white cotton tees is that they tend to discolor after a few washes. I like them bright white. Blouses like this one from SM Woman tend to last longer and the sheer shoulder detail gives off a subtle "Sports Luxe" vibe which I love. If you must know, I got them in multiples :P Have the same top in black and  also blue. I couldn't resist because they were fairly cheap at around P600/pc.

sm woman
sm woman fashion blogger
And lastly, legs for daysssssss!!!
Although I've recently been embracing a lot of flat shoes like my birks and sneaker slip-ons, I kinda miss the look that only sky-high heels can deliver. Though something I don't miss is the discomfort that usually accompanies it.

These wedges from Tres Shoes are an exception, they are ultra comfy despite the height. The back zipper doesn't hurt my ankles and I love how soft the fabric is as well as how they were able to successfully incorporate a minimalist style with an interesting heel.

sm woman sheer shoulder panel blouse | stradivarius ruffle hem skirt | tres shoes wedges (they're on sale til June 27, see HERE) | alex and ani, stockton row bracelets | "soul child" memento necklace by elena bautista (see here)

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Christine Liwag said…
Looove your shirt Mama Sar!! You're forever a minimalist inspiration. Huhu. Teach me your ways. MIss you!
sarahtirona said…
thanks babygirl! i miss you too, hope to see you soon! :)
Gellie Abogado said…
a basic white tee with a twist! love it, sarah! and love the wedge and the twist in its heels :)

sarahtirona said…
thanks gellie :)