diode laser hair removal review (vigen annapolis)

How often do you shave your armpits to stay totally hair-free? Mine grows as if its on steroids and testosterone. I need to shave everyday so I don't get something that resembles a five o' clock shadow. :P

It's a hassle especially when I go on beach trips. It's also a constant source of embarrassment because shaving doesn't give optimal results plus it's also widely known to darken the skin. (big no-no).

Which is why I switched to Veet. Veet is slightly better than shaving BUT although quite simple to do, I often forget or get lazy because of the waiting time required. It's also an additional bulky tube to add to my toiletry kit when I travel.

I have wanted to get a laser treatment on my armpits eversince I started growing hair there but it used to be so expensive. Definitely something a high school girl could not afford plus the technology was quite new back then so my parents would never allow me to try it for fear of getting burned.

Now that I'm older and have my own credit card, there's not stopping me!

I finally bit the bullet several weeks ago when me and my sister in law chanced upon this Groupon for Diode Laser Treatments at Vigen.

I was iffy at first because Vigen.
 I've always associated them with balding problems and scalp treatments for older people but my sis in law knew someone who already tried their laser hair removal and it was the cheapest package I've come across so far so okay, out came the card.

I figured it was the same or relatively the same machine everywhere (although I was later informed that this was not the case) and it was probably a super simple procedure that could be done anywhere so I crossed my fingers and sealed the deal.

I paid P1149 at first for a small area only to find out a few minutes later that pits were considered a medium area and you'd have to buy 2 vouchers for it: 1 for every pit.

Paid about P1700 for each armpit for a total of 6 sessions.

The day came for my first session. I was a bit scared. To tell you frankly, I was not impressed with the clinic. It totally felt like a budget deal but oh well...

So I got into the makeshift room:

Stripped of my shirt and wrapped my torso with the black cloth provided.

I came in with a little fuzz because I read online that some clinics require this. Here they don't so the attendant came back into the room with a shaver that has seen better days and proceeded to shave my armpits.

According to another friend who had hers done at a different clinic, a gel like solution was spread over her skin first before starting with the session so I was expecting the same thing. I don't know exactly what that gel is for..I'm thinking topical anaesthetic but I don't know for sure and anyway, they didn't have it here so I braced myself for pain...there was hardly any.

There's a bit of pain when the gun hits areas that have a higher concentration of hair. It sort of feels like tiny needles piercing your skin. Very tolerable. The "laser gun" (haha) is quite warm against the skin but not hot. The entire session lasts around 10 minutes.

Despite the fact that Vigen majorly lacks in ambiance and finesse, my laser sessions have been working remarkably. Hair growth has significantly fell to about 85% and I only need to apply Veet once in between my 2-week sessions to keep everything in check.

Last Saturday, I had my upperlip done for the first time. I experienced 0 pain but I have yet to report wether or not it works as impressively as on the armpits.

So yup, despite it's major lack in interior design points, I highly recommend getting a Diode Laser Hair Removal treatment at Vigen. It's cheap and it works just make sure to shave your pits ahead of time and wear a sleeveless shirt to your first session to avoid the hassle and cringe moments :P