eye spy the best dress ever

I can relate a lot to this dress in the sense that we both don't know how to pose and project properly for the camera. The great thing about that is we both (hopefully) pleasantly surprise people when they see us in person. ;P

Kidding aside...I wore this dress a few days ago to a day packed with events...Style Origins, Oishi and Carolina Herrera, honest to god, no kidding, I didn't just receive multiple compliments, I was also asked more than a few times at each event where I got it. A few even went so far as to photograph it.

Although it doesn't do much for the figure, it is striking on its own with its subtle blue color and quirky eyes print on super cool neoprene fabric. Besides you all should know by now that I'm not one too keen on flaunting flesh and figure...sometimes is okay but it's not really my priority when I shop. I tend to look more for clothes that exude personality and this is definitely not lacking.

Before I bore you, here's a little backstory on this dress...

I first saw it on one of the guests at the Dove Beauty Summit. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. True enough, I saw it hanging on the racks of TRF, I snagged it, tried it on. Sadly it was one of those pieces that only come in 2 sizes: S/M or M/L. Those always end up too big for me.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I see it on ROMWE. Exactly the same fabric, cut and material only cheaper AND IN MY SIZE!!! This is exactly what I was talking about in this post. Lucky break. I knew it was meant to be and even more so when I finally got it and put it on.

zara eyes dress
romwe eyes dress
eyes dress
romwe eyes print dress
zara eyes dress street style
Sooo...here's where it gets interesting...for those asking about this dress, you are even luckier than me, you get to buy it at less than half of its original price.

It will be on sale for just $11.99 (Php525) in exactly 10 hours and 20 minutes PLUS FREE shipping worldwide!

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photos by paultheprguy.blogspot.com