gear 4 espresso bluetooth speaker demo + review

What I love most about reviewing these portable Bluetooth speakers is their ability to surprise me.

Small speakers have gone a long way. Both in quality and price. Good sound is now affordable and Gear 4's Espresso speaker is a great example of the way mass marketing makes things accessible for almost everyone.

In the first few years that respectable sounding palm-sized speakers came out, they would retail upwards of P3,000.00.

Fast forward a decade and you now have speakers that don't only sound 10x better than its predecessors but also cheaper by more than 50%.

Gear 4 Espresso BlueTooth Speakers retail for only P1,350 and are available in a multitude of colors.

It comes with a rechargeable battery, carabiner handle clip, quick start guide, USB cable and up to 4 hours battery life.

The only thing I didn't like about it is its power button. It took me ages to find it. The quick start guide actually tells you where it is but I didn't check 'til I got really frustrated. Anyway, the power button is discreetly located at the bottom of the cup (face palm):

Once I managed to overcome that tiny hurdle, it was smooth sailing all the way...

I love how quickly it connects via Bluetooth to my device; considerably faster than other speakers I've tried. It also emits a "busy sound" when not in use to remind you to turn it off and save battery life. But what I love most about Gear 4's Espresso Speakers is its shape. After experiencing the way these speakers perform, I realized that the designers didn't just choose the silhouette of a coffee cup to make it "look cute". The tubular shape contributes significantly to the round sound these tiny speakers emit. They handle deep bass sounds quite well to successfully eliminate that "tinny" sound that is often associated with small portable speakers.

To further demonstrate, here's a demo shot in a typical home environment:

Gear 4 Espresso Bluetooth Speakers are distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading and are available at all Beyond The Box, Digital Walker, Astrovision boutiques nationwide.

For more info, connect with Digits Trading socially on Facebook and Instagram (@digitstradingph)