nick automatic opens in manila

I knew Nick Automatic had a following I just didn't realize how huge it was.

This was the scene that welcomed me as I made my way towards the newly opened and first ever Nick Automatic store in Manila at SM City North:

nick automatic manila
A long line that snaked all around the 3rd floor 'til the escalator! And these people weren't just fans of the numerous musicians who attended the ribbon cutting, they were also first and foremost, consumers lining up to satiate their Nick cravings.

nick automatic sm north
Once they managed to get in the store, it was shopping pandemonium and I needed to utter several excuse me's to reach the the dressing room.

Racks were constantly being reloaded throughout the entire afternoon. People couldn't get enough of the unique and super cool street wear inspired designs that Nick Automatic boldly displays on their shirts.

Did I mention they're also really affordable?

nick automatic branches manila
nick automatic
nick automatic store
I am personally a big fan of their eyewear and have been constantly sporting them in my OOTD's since I got my first pair a few years back. Of course I took this opportunity to snag another one in pure red. It's awesome and I'll share it with you soon in an outfit post.

streetwear philippines
From an upstart business in Cebu, Nick Automatic seems to be the next big name in casual street wear.

Don't miss out, check out the first ever Nick Automatic Store in Manila at the 3rd Floor of SM City North Annex.

for more info, connect with Nick Automatic on Facebook and Instagram (@NCKATMTC)