ipanema opens in rustans makati

 Did you know that Ipanema Sandals are made out of plastic and not rubber? They have secured over 100 patents pertaining to this particularly unique technology. Because of this, Ipanema Sandals are more durable and comfortable as compared to its counterparts. There's hardly any risk of the straps failing or the colors fading even after many years of abuse.

This is just one of the many interesting points I learned during the official launch of their Rustans Makati store a few days ago in East Cafe.

Aside from being durable, what I love most about Ipanema is that they make you get away with wearing flip flops out and yet still look stylish at the same time.

Because of their innovative use of materials and knack for embellishments, Ipanema's look more like a stylish sandal rather than a slipper.

It's also super difficult to resist the "Mommy-Baby" line which makes miniatures for your little ones so you can have matching ootd's:

Last week, it rained hard while we were strolling around BGC and Nikola's ballet flats got soaking wet. I didn't want her to catch a cold so we stepped into one of the children's shoe stores in High Street to get a pair of shoes, among the many choices available, she settled with a pair of Ipanema sandals like the one in the photo above. According to her, they were the comfiest among all that she tried on in the store. I thought it was a practical choice because the color and style pretty much goes with anything and we don't have to worry about it getting wet. I think it's also pretty great that the rubber straps also don't cut into the skin despite being damp with water.

Upon browsing the new collection, I think I'm gonna take the cue from my daughter and invest in my own pair as well. It really is pretty practical especially now that it rains almost everyday.

Check out Ipanema's new collection at Rustans Makati or connect with Ipanema Philippines on Facebook for more info.