la tentation de nina launch at poetry and prose

I attended the launch of Nina Ricci's latest fragrance at Poetry and Prose in Shangri-la a couple of days ago...

Have you been to this pattiserie? It is one of my favorite outlets in Shang. They serve fantastic coffee and pastries in a french inspired setting. Dining here is always fun and intimate. It was definitely a perfect match for La Tentation De Nina Ricci which is a fragrance created in collaboration with Olivier Cresp, Nina Ricci's Master Perfumer, and Vincent Lemains, Head Pastry Chef at Laduree!

Yes, Laduree! The place responsible for churning out possibly the MOST sinful Macarons in the world.

Everybody goes ga-ga for them and now, you can indulge yourself in the luxury and decadence of this sweet treat everyday with a perfume that is inspired by a specially created Macaron for Nina Ricci at Laduree.

The "Nina Ricci Macaron" is a heavenly combination of Raspberry, Lemon, Bulgarian Rose Absolut and Almond and then topped with gold leaf. It's a perfect balance of sweet and tang which makes it totally irresistible. Always leaving you wanting for more...

La Tentation De Nina is no different. It is a fresh-fruity eau de toilette contained within a  a juicy pink apple-shaped bottle stamped with gold.

It awakens the senses. 

Italian bergamot adds a touch of freshness while grapefruit zest awakens desire. Raspberry, almond, lemon and Bulgarian rose absolute meld together to create a surprising macaron accord, a gourmand addiction. Finally, bourbon vanilla, white musk and sandalwood round out this swirling of youthful sensuality.

It smells absolutely delicious which makes the "forbidden fruit" theme more than fitting for this exclusive treat for the senses.

La Tentation De Nina captures the fun and whimsical essence of a modern woman. It's a scent that will make any nose want to follow you around (seriously :P I sprayed it on and people kept asking what I had on throughout my day) . I highly suggest taking a whiff of it at a perfume bar closest to you.

And the exciting part....stay tuned....

I have a La Tentation De Nina giveaway coming up soon for you all...



Cool stuff! :) Yeah, I saw that resto in Shangri-la, and I find it interesting... will visit one of these days.