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When I hear the word “Macadamia” the first thing that comes to mind are yummy nuts covered in chocolate. I never really associated it with hair and I was pretty ignorant about its many benefits until several days ago when I was invited to be a “Macadamia Muse” and try the full range of Macadamia Natural Oil hair products at Piandre in BGC.

macadamia natural oil review
 To my surprise and delight, I found out that Macadamia Oil is nutrient rich and one of the best oils to apply onto your hair to keep it soft, healthy, and manageable. Better yet, it’s more affordable than its popular counterpart – Argan Oil and yet it carries pretty much the same benefits (if not more).

macadamia oil for hair
 The actual event was kept pretty small and intimate because the people behind Panzu (distributors of Macadamia Natural Oil in the Philippines) wanted it to be a personal experience for us.  They transformed the interiors of Piandre into a “Macadamia Natural Oil Salon” complete with experts and consultants roaming the place and offering their advice as to which treatments and products are best suited for our needs.

piandre bgc
macadamia oil philippines
 We were given a choice of 4 treatments:
  • Damaged No More Treatment – starts with the Rejuvenating Shampoo + Deep Repair + Healing Oil Treatment; a quick fix for dry, damaged, and/or chemically processed hair. It brings back hair's natural shine and beauty.
  • Never Again, Unruly Hair Treatment – starts with the Rejuvenating Shampoo + Nourishing Leave-In Treatment + Healing Oil Treatment. Perfect for those with dry, coarse and unruly hair who want to bring back lost shine and elasticity.
  • I'm Salon Beautiful Treatment – starts with Flawless + Healing Oil Treatment + Control Hair Spray/Reviving Curl Cream. Best for those who want big beautiful curls or waves.
  • Hot and Protected Treatment – starts with Rejuvenating Shampoo + No Tangle + Healing Oil Treatment. This treatment was specially created for hair that has gone through a lot of heat exposure via blow dry and flat iron.

macadamia natural oil price
 Because of my hair extensions + almost monthly hair dye sessions, I was advised to avail of the Damaged No More Treatment.

macadamia natural oil for hair review
 The whole treatment was basically about an hour of pure pleasure…(I don’t really remember why I have a funny face in this photo, I think I was chatting with someone when I shot this but it’s the only one I got so…:P). Heaven at the salon began with an ultra relaxing shampoo + massage experience using their Rejuvenating Shampoo.
That was soon followed by a generous application of their deep repair healing oil treatment which stayed on for about 30 minutes while I simultaneously enjoyed pretty much the best head, shoulder and back massage I’ve ever experienced in a chair!
I swear I wanted it to go on forever but I needed to give way to the other muses so I reluctantly obliged when I was told that it was time to blow dry.
After some minimal effortless styling, I was wowed by the result:

macadamia muse
Not only did my hair smell super fantastic, it was also the softest its felt in years…very, very close to virgin hair. It was silky, it slipped through my fingers smoothly like gentle ripples in melted butter yet it was not greasy at all! In the end, it was hard to tell where my real hair ended and my extensions began. It did more than a fantastic job of moisturizing my hair follicles, repairing my tips and making it the shiniest it’s ever been in a long time.
I absolutely love these products and would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick fix for common hair problems. Macadamia Natural Oil’s hair products allow you to have ultra-manageable, fuss-free, perfect hair every day of the week with minimal time and styling effort.

macadamia oil benefits
And now, the exciting part...

A chance for you to also experience the magic of Macadamia Natural Oil as I am giving away two (2) Macadamia gift packs to 2 lucky readers. 

To join this giveaway, just follow the mechanics below:

1. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@sarahtirona)
2. Comment on this post with your answer to this question: Why is Macadamia Natural Oil perfect for your hair? (Don't forget to include your full name, email address and Instagram username as well)"

Deadline for entries is on July 31,2014.

Good Luck!


magz_dc said…
Macadamia Natural Oil is perfect for my hair because it has all the natural goodness my hair needs like Argan Oil and Vit. E.

Agnes Dela Cruz
IG: @magzdc
Mafe Manlapaz said…
My hair is really dry and sensitive to harsh shampoos and conditioners. Macadamia Natural Oil is perfect for my hair because it is nutrient rich, very natural and one of the best oils to apply onto my hair to keep it soft, healthy, and manageable. and most of all it is more affordable.

twitter: bumblinbiterbug

IG: bumblingbitterbugs
Arnie Villanueva said…
Ohms Emocling said…
Wow this is such a perfect timing Ms. Sarah.
Since I sufferred dry hair, I love to try this to achieve your soft and manageable hair.

Ohms Emocling
Steffi Romero said…
Macadamia Natural Oil is perfect for my hair because it will keep it looking healthy, shiny and soft all day long. It would be the perfect treatment to my fragile hair strands and maybe it could add the voluminous effect I always wanted. And one more thing, I love using natural products.
Name: Steffi Romero
IG: scromero15
Joan Macawili said…
I love eating macadamia. And now I learn it's good for the hair too?! This is perfect for me as I have dry hair and I love trying natural products that can give me that easy-to-manage healthy hair without all the fuss (and without the grease)!
Joan Christine P. Macawili
Ari said…
My skin type is classified as combination, and believe it or not, so is my hair! My scalp is prone to oiliness if it gets really hot, whereas the mid-length and ends of my hair tend to be really dry. Macadamia Natural Oil would be perfect for my hair because I know it'll nourish my hair from root to tip to make it look and feel shiny, smooth, and healthy! I'm confident Macadamia Natural Oil will keep my scalp oil-free and the rest of my hair soft and silky to the touch.

Twitter: @ArianYupangco
IG: @arianyupangco
MarieCor Jauod said…
Why is Macadamia Natural Oil perfect for my hair?Because having a natural curly hair needs a lot of tender, love and care, also lots of moisturizing, love that it has argan oil that is very helpful to my hair.

Name: Marie Cor Jauod
twitter: @coriema
intagram: @mcorjauod
sheryl an mungcal said…
Why is Macadamia Natural Oil perfect for your hair? because of hair coloring my hair become dry & dull so this is my chance to bring back my old hair that so soft & healthy.

Sheryl An Mungcal
IG : @dadz_angel
Andre Tan said…
Hope you saw my entry! :)
Carizza Chua said…
nice pants, sarah! :D
Ma. Clarice Itumay said…
My hair is not in a healthy state right now. It's very dry because of the treatment I recently had for dandruff and skin asthma and after reading that this is a quick fix to common hair problems and can moisturize immensely, I believe that this may be the answer to my search. So, I am hoping to win this and try it out.

Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay
Twitter: @valandclai
IG: @valandclai
sarahtirona said…
thank you carriza :)
sarahtirona said…
Hi andre! yup, lenovo is taking care of all the entries. thanks for joining, good luck!
sarahtirona said…
mwah! :)
Kimberly Camille Tiu said…
Macadamia Natural Oil is perfect for my hair because it would be able to renew my hair's natural texture and leave it fully moisturized due to the hair coloring that I have had done on my hair.

Kimberly Camille Tiu
IG: kimtiu37
Naama A said…
My hair is very dry and i have split ends, hoping this will help :)

Naama A
instagram: naamaaha
nam12 [at]

Itssuperroxy Atienza said…
Macadamia Natural Oil is not just perfect but awsome, i always try a lot of hair product for my hair co'z i have a super dry hair and a lot of hair fall always, after shampooing my hair and dandruff also bother me, but when i read this hair review and looks how perfectly shiny your hair is, i said i must try this. i want to makes my hair look shiny and fresh like baby hair again.

Name: Roxanne Atienza
Jeddah G said…
this is perfect for my hair because my hair really suffered from lots of chemical treatment before. hoping I could try this
Jeddahlyn Gonzales
Twitter/IG @iamjeday
Glennie Terania said…
After lots of chemical treatment, my hair isn't something you can call healthy. It's dry, coarse, and prone to breakage. Macadamia Natural Oil is perfect for my hair if what you claim it does is true. I really need to help my hair specially now that I only have 3 weeks before going to college. Please choose me. I need this for my hair. They're the perfect match!

Glenniedel Terania
Instagram: @glenniedel
Twitter: @hiGlennie
laarn said…
Laarni Bucao
reylyn cruz said…
Reylyn Cruz
joshua paul perry said…
joshua paul perry
Karina said…
Hello Sarah! Great review, makes me really want to try this product out! Having undergone a lot of chemical hair treatments in the past, my hair has become dull and dry. It is in great need of some healing and repair! I believe this is the perfect product to help me bring back my hair's natural texture and healthy look + help protect it from future damages! :)

Karina Francheska O. Velasco
IG: karinavelasco
Twitter: @karinaaavelasco
Aileen Barcarse said…
Aileen D. Barcarse
Anna A. said…
Joining! :)
Anna A. said…
Nice pictures! I like the cute fashionista in the blue dress. :)

Anna Adona
IG: @ako_ang_nagwagi
Bernadine Bautista said…
Bernadine B. Bautista
Jing Serra said…
Jing Serra
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carla said…
carla venice relayo
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sarah tirona said…
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Sharmaine Joy Yere
Stephanie Lee said…
Stephanie Lee :)
Jason Rabino said…
I really really love shakeys, lalo na yung mojos at pizza nila! :-) hope to win para makapag family date kme.. :-)

Jason Rabino
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Melanie Esponilla