marie france iLipo review + walkthrough (laser lipo)

Small and Stubborn.

Despite regularly working out and adhering to an 80% healthy diet, I have a stubborn post-pregnancy roll of fat on my lower abdomen that refuses to go away even after 8 long years.

This is what makes me a perfect candidate for Marie France's i.Lipo.

Just like regular liposuction, i.Lipo works best on people who exercise regularly and eat right. Look at it as a great kick-start to achieving your dream body.

marie france ilipo
i.Lipo works by eliminating fat from the body in a painless procedure that uses low-level laser technology.
Fat cells are prompted to break down stored triglycerides and turn it into fatty acids and glycerol which  are then transported to the tissues for use when your body needs reserve energy. This prompts metabolism. Once metabolized, it's eliminated through the body's natural process.

This is what the machine looks like:

laser lipo machine
What I learned from trying out all these different non-invasive procedures at different clinics is that not all machines are created equal. Before you commit yourself to a program, research which kind of machine they use. A good machine produces better results in a shorter period of time than a sub-standard  one.

Hence the huge difference in package costs.

At Marie France, the i.Lipo procedure begins by being ushered into a private room where you will be asked to change into shorts and a tank top provided. Afterwards, they will measure your "before" using a special tape measure.

You need to stand on this chart and follow the foot placement to be measured properly:

laser lipo review
Once that's done, the fun begins...

After lying on the bed, treatment pads will be strapped on to your problem area and secured with a neoprene and velcro band which will stay on for about 30 minutes.

It's slightly warm and very comfortable. You can sleep through the process or bring a book to read.

ilipo review
After the laser process, it's time for some lymphatic drainage. This process is what's responsible for transferring the broken down fat cells to your tissues.

A gel will be generously spread on the lasered area:

laser lipo before and after
So the suction device can glide around your body smoothly:

laser lipo procedure
After the procedure expect to loose a minimum of 1cm and a maximum of 4cm + a nice and newly contoured figure.

Continue with regular exercise and a healthy diet to maintain your new measurements!

(This is why Hollywood celebrities look so good right after giving birth!)

If you're serious about weight-loss and achieving a sexy body, I highly suggest investing in this procedure. It's the most effective and immediate one I've tried so far when it comes to improving the look of my belly.

For more info, check out Marie France via or connect with them socially on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram (mariefranceph) for more info on branches, rates, promos and services.

You can also call 894-2639 to book for a consultation.



Anifa said…
How much? I would love to try this but im afraid its expensiv:-)
sarahtirona said…
Hi Anifa! Roughly around the same price as a really good smartphone for the entire package which consists of several sessions but price really varies depending on your body type and how much you need to lose. it's best to visit them for a consultation. i think it's free, but better to call first just to be sure :)
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