ootd: chasing daylight

Today is so frustrating! I got up bright and early at 5am, got my banana and chia seeds on, got my gym clothes on and then halfway to my Crossfit box I realized it was Tuesday: no morning class. I don't know if you'll can relate but it's really, really frustrating. You mentally prepare yourself for the hardwork but then end up in front of your laptop having another mug of coffee. BOO!!! It's so hard to write when you're in "beastmode" (hahaha) it's like I can't keep still and don't know what to do with myself.

Anyway, moving on with life....

This is what I wore to our pseudo field trip to Fairview Terraces (more here). I wanted something comfortable cause Fairview is far and it was a full-day event. I also wanted an outfit that would help me stay cool or warm in case it decides to rain mid-day. I came up with this:

A loose and breezy crop tank + sneaker slip ons from Topshop and this lightweight floral jacket from Romwe which is thin enough to wear even with our current weather. (links at the end of this post)

ps. Baskin Robbins is opening today at the new SSI Mall in BGC, going there later, so excited!!! :)

romwe floral print jacket
topshop black croc skin sneaker slip ons
floral jacket street style
floral biker jacket
romwe floral biker jacket (see here) | topshop crop top and sneaker slip ons | warehouse trousers

photos by paultheprguy.com