ootd: modern princess

Kinda makes me cringe a little using the word princess on myself. :P I think I have gone past that stage many years ago and even then, it was never really a word I would use to describe myself but as the saying goes...anybody can be a a princess for a day and so when I received the invite for the La Tentacion Nina Ricci event stating that the dress code for the event was to come dressed as a "Modern Princess", I decided to embrace it and have fun with this once in a blue moon ootd.

Besides, sticking with a mostly black and white palette and simple, body skimming silhouettes allowed me to still feel like myself and not so much like a fish out of water. To make the total look a little more "princess-sy", I decided to give it a touch of pink by finishing it off with these gorgeous rock-stud pumps that I got recently from Milanoo.

tulle skirt street style
valentino rock stud pumps street style
valetino studded heels street style
sheer striped blouse
maxi tulle skirt
dorothy perkins sheer striped blouse
Speaking of the shoes, I have been wanting a pair like these since last year but the ones I have come across in the past usually don't fit very well or are quite uncomfortable. So happy I came across these because aside from being true-to-size and nicely made, they're quite friendly on the feet. I wore them all-day at the mall for 2 events - from lunch to after dinner and my feet only started hurting towards the end of the night. Pretty impressive for closed toe pumps. So yep, these are probably my new favorites. Can't beat the 2 CC's - cute + comfortable! :P

milanoo rivet heels
manila fashion blogger
philippine street style
dorothy perkins sheer striped blouse | dreslilly tulle skirt (see HERE) | milanoo rock stud pumps (see HERE)

photos by RheaBue.com



Kori Donahue said…
Love your skirt!!! Hope you had a great Wednesday darling! Kori xoxo

ruthilicious said…
I like the windy effect! :p
sarahtirona said…
Hi Cates! Sorry I forgot to ask how many pulses again! was in a hurry during my last visit :P I have once session nalang left and very little hair but I think 6 sessions isn't enough for me, we'll see, i'll update again :)
sarahtirona said…
really? which branch? I go to the one in annapolis, so far, parang di naman sya masyadong busy and i'm able to schedule whenever i want to but then again, I am a new client...we'll see. Im planning to try YSA after my last session here next week :)
donskiekay said…
what size did you get for the shoes?I'd like to buy one too! :)
sarahtirona said…
thanks :)
sarahtirona said…
i got a 7, they're true to size :)
Cates Dajao said…
Its ok..I tried it last two weeks ago nasa 80 plus not greater than 90 ung clicks ko per UA. Every 2 weeks ako nag pa sched..actually unli a year ako pero, pero 12 session lang daw sya tlga..ginawa ko n lng na 2 weeks para mabilis matapos? Pero I hope n magwork din sya tulad sau.
Nicole said…
Can you update your upper lip laser removal? :)
Louise Reyes said…
Hi im also undergoing diode in Vigen katipunan branch, they considered the armpit as a small area..
Tinsley said…
Been wondering if I should get a pair of rock stud pumps but I've been wondering about the comfort. With your post, guess I'll go get myself a pair soon. ;)
sarahtirona said…
Jayjay said…
I bought a few vouchers for Vigen Annapolis a few months ago from Ensogo. According to the deal, underarms fall under "small area" and a single voucher covers both pits. I'm dismayed that you had to pay for 2 vouchers at a higher price! :(

I'm a little obsessed with hair removal so I know that their equipment isn't the same as what you'd find in an actual derma clinic. The device they use is actually meant for home use. You may opt to buy from Vigen, but know that they sell it at double the SRP (SRP is $449).

Anyway, for best results, each session should be spaced two weeks apart.

Please note that the device has 4 settings, 1 being the weakest (and least effective) and 4 being the strongest setting (also the most painful). It's recommended to use the highest setting tolerated, not the highest setting that's most comfortable. So if you can take the 4th setting -- go for it! It will hurt, yes, but you'll get the results you want in a shorter span of time.

Also be aware that you should have 100 pulses/pit for maximum results. Your therapist might cheat you by giving less than a 100 shots.

Lastly, they don't provide healing cream after each session. Thus, if you're able to, apply topical antibiotic after treatment to prevent the development of folliculitis -- which can lead to nasty red bumps that can scar! Trust me, I'm talking from experience.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share so you can make the most out of your experience!
Cates Dajao said…
@Ronn Thanks for your update. Yeah me too im so lucky i found this review. Kea ko din chineck kasi diode sya and sabi mas ok daw diode kesa IPL. I hope na maging ok tlga ung result sa deal n to :D