sexy mermaid wedding dresses

Weddings are big business. 

Brides usually push budget aside in favor of looking perfect. No penny is spared, no bridal magazine goes un-flipped.

The quest for the perfect wedding dress usually commence as early as childhood daydreams begin. They start off with a gigantic ball skirt and puffy sleeves like Cinderella's complete with glass slippers and a pumpkin carriage. As we get older, our taste turns more refined and princess gowns are often replaced with couture fantasies that hug our body in all the right places.

The problem with couture is that the cost of the dress alone could already pay for the entire wedding. Not many of us can enjoy this luxury so what to do?

Get off the rack. Yup, nowadays even wedding dresses can be bought off the rack in your size and they aren't tacky at all.

But how to choose especially when buying online where most bargains can be found?

First, we must start with a reputable supplier.

I find DressV to be pretty reliable with an extensive choice of affordable gowns in many different styles.

Next, the style.

Through the years, thousands of different wedding gown silhouettes have been created but there is one style that remains a classic...Sexy Mermaid Wedding Dresses.

It contours the body from the chest down to the knees emphasizing points that need to be emphasized while keeping things classy with the flared-out skirt at the bottom.

It allows brides to look sexy and seductive for their husband-to-be without the risk of showing off too much skin.

The hour glass shape works great for showing off a woman's waist no matter what size (just put on a pair of spanx! ;P), and the full skirt at the bottom balances the width of the hips nicely for a properly pretty and proportioned look:

I personally guarantee the mermaid wedding dress to be the full-proof fallback dress when all else has failed. It just screams beauty, grace and old Hollywood glamour don't you think?

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