#ShareACoke arrives in the Philippines!

When it's hot and I'm super tired, I always crave for a big glass of Coke loaded with lots of ice.

Imagine that scenario but this time with a friendly face handing you a personalized can of Coca-Cola like these:

What a difference it makes right? ...One for the books and something you will probably remember for a very long time...it will definitely bring a smile to anyone's face and me thinks it's also a great "ligaw" move :P

At an event held yesterday at SM Mega Fashion Hall's Atrium, the Share A Coke campaign was officially launched in Manila.

It began with a fashion show:

Featuring models and Enchong Dee sharing their Cokes with the audience:

These new limited edition Coke cans come with popular words often used by Pinoys like "Bro", "Barkada", "Panga", "Ate", "'Nay, 'Tay" and many more.

They are available for purchase at most sari-sari stores, convenience stores, vending machines and supermarkets nationwide.

But, if you'd like to take it even a step further and get something like this with your name on it:

Then why not try visiting a Share A Coke booth to create your own bottles of Coke with  personalized labels:

Share A Coke booths can be found in select supermarkets, malls and schools.

Just write down the name you want to be printed (maximum of 8 characters)...

Input in the machine...and that's it!
You only have to wait a few seconds to get your very own personalized Coke bottles!

For more info + schedule, please check out www.shareacoke.com.ph or visit the official accounts of Coca-Cola Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@cocacolaPH) .


Ria Hazel said…
Pretty!!! Bet ko yang sneakers na yan. Hirap ng petite. :)