sneakers clash - converse art installations

Sneakers Clash - a series of artistic installations that brings together top street artists to transform blank walls into massive art pieces; designed to disrupt and clash against a gray world.

Now if I didn't mention Converse in my blog title, you probably would have guessed the brand behind it anyway, right?

I can't think of any other shoe that goes so well with out of the box graffiti art. It just screams Chuck Taylors!

Sneakers Clash is inspired by the Spring 2014 collection of Converse which features dynamic color pops and elevated silhouettes to provoke youthful self-expression. 

The new campaign will be brought to life on Philippine soil through #clashwall where three local artists are being challenged to to unleash their most visceral work against a static wall.

Kicking off the Sneakers Clash Philippines series is artist and designer Chad Manzo.

Following him is artist Archie Geotina a.k.a. Chichimonster who is best known for his mixed media paintings which are a play on the abstract and  references from pop to baroque history deconstructed by his signature “static” style of paint application.

Rounding up the line up is Nick Automatic's own Nicolo Nimor! The brains and artist behind the popular Cebu-based t-shirt brands super cool designs.

So excited to see what he comes up with!

Watch out for the next installation of Sneakers Clash by following the hashtag #ClashWall on your favorite social media sites!