ellen adarna's banned tv commercial for nice day coffee

I have never really been into local celebrities or personalities but Ellen Adarna is a whole different story. There is something about this petite beauty that I find irresistibly intriguing and this recently banned commercial for Nice Day coffee further solidifies her position as one of this year's sexiest personalities.

Prudes might find it offensive, possibly, but no matter what they say, time and time again has proven that sex sells. And it sells even more when an alluring Ellen is attached to it.

What is it about Ellen that's got all our panties (and briefs?!) in a twist?

For me it was primarily her unapologetic approach towards her body. She makes the most out of what she has and doesn't care what other people say. This takes guts. I'm guessing that in some dark recess of our minds, a lot of us would like to make a living the same way she does but none have the courage.

Could you suck on those berries and allow the juices to run freely from your plump, suggestive lips for all the world to see?

Do you have what it takes to perform a body scrub on yourself with coffee grounds when you know that millions of people could be oogling you (to put things mildly, others have wilder imaginations) daily in their bedrooms?

Que horror, what would your parents say?!

It's not like you weren't brought up without any breeding. But wait, so was Ellen!

I'm amazed that feminists haven't marched up her doorstep yet protesting her very existence. 

They all scream bloody murder the minute they get sight of a big breasted woman. Personally, I don't get it. I find empowerment in looking good and showing of our assets wether it be in the confines of our own homes or for all the world to see.

If you've got it, then by all means flaunt it and be an inspiration for others. It took some hardwork to get to where you are and it's a shame to put it to waste.

Healthy is Hot and nobody knows this better than Ellen Adarna whose raunchy workout videos have become viral not just for men but also for women because dude - the girl has got skills! And she really does put in the work to achieve that gorgeous body of hers...

This is probably why many of us have faith in her and the products she endorses. They all fit into a certain image which to me gives the impression of a healthy, sexy, modern and confident woman who utilizes the things she has at her disposal for her utmost advantage.

Nice Day Coffee is no exception. The 3 variants: Slim, Cleanse and White all perfectly fit in with her lifestyle and I would like to believe that she makes the most out of these supplements in real life as well.

blah, blah, blah, I'm pretty sure you guys have scrolled down to the video already...:P

Now that you've seen it, what do you think? Does it work or do you find it tastelessly done?

Whatever your opinion might be, I'm pretty sure you'd want to see for yourself if the coffee actually works.

Well, you're in luck. Nice Day Coffee is giving away gift packs like the one in the photo below to their Instagram followers.

For more info on the giveaway and Nice Day Coffee, connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter (@nicedaycoffeeph) and Instagram (@nicedaycoffee).



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