how to stand out on homecoming

Lady In Red.

Out of all the other colors in the world, why red?

Black is a strong color and so is white but no other color has the power to catch attention as much as red.
It's the color used to symbolized victory, power, love and so many other powerful emotions.

With all these at your disposal, why not harness these strong characteristics to draw attention to yourself on one of the most memorable nights of your life...Homecoming.

Nobody attends homecoming night to be regarded as a wallflower. We all want to leave a strong impression on a night that offers so much promise.

Make shopping for the perfect dress less painful by narrowing down your color choices and just concentrate on picking a silhouette that works perfectly with your body.

Channel Blake Lively's awesome style with this scarlett stunner from that only retails for $119.99:

If you prefer to go for a sweet yet sexy look, why not go for these mini babydoll dresses with an open neckline. This kind of cut flatters all body types by making you look longer, leaner and taller. Having just the right amount of embellishment keeps things classy and perfect for a formal affair.

For an all-out showstopping look, opt for a solid floor-length gown like the one above. It's a timeless look that will never age so you can proudly show-off your homecoming photos even decades from now.

For those who want something a little more practical. these lace dresses are a perfect option which can also be worn to cocktail parties and dinner dates:

There's a lot of beautiful gowns to pick from, make sure you choose one that you're comfortable and happy in so all you need to worry about on this special night is having fun.

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