IPL laser hair removal at YSA skin and body experts

Do you recall my first post about laser hair removal? (You can read about it here). I got a Groupon for 6 sessions of Diode Laser Treatments for my underarms at Vigen. It didn't cost much but 6 sessions definitely wasn't enough to seal the deal and I later found out that the machine they were using was a portable one intended for home use. It wasn't any bigger than a hairdryer. Somehow that fact made it feel less legit.

Don't get me wrong though, I lost some hair growth but not completely.

After my 6 sessions were up, I decided to try the IPL (intense pulsed light) laser hair removal treatment at YSA Skin and Body experts instead. 

It was so different from Vigen, definitely 100% more legit which made me feel 100% more at ease.

First of all, there is an actual IPL room and not just a screened off enclosure PLUS the apparatus they used was an actual machine and not just some portable handheld device. Also, a registered and well-trained nurse performs the procedure (not the receptionist or just anyone present who happens to be free).

Hmmm, what else...

Aside from removing unwanted hairs, IPL is also supposed to help treat:

  • imperfections from sun damage and photo aging
  • enlarged pores
  • rosacea
  • general redness and acne scars
  • dull complexions and other facial imperfections
  • birthmarks
  • unsightly veins and other blemishes

Just like at Vigen, I had the treatment done on both my upper lip and underarms.


You will first be asked to put on protective eyewear.
And then the nurse will numb the area to be treated with ice. This is the most unpleasant part of the procedure. You won't really feel anything from the actual laser but the super cold ice on your armpits can sting a bit. Tolerable though. You can try applying ice to your armpit first at home to see if you can handle it, if you can, then you have nothing to worry about.

Once the area is numb, the nurse will begin your IPL treatment.
While the treatment was ongoing, she kept asking me how I was holding up, if I was beginning to feel any pain or discomfort. I didn't feel any but her constant care and concern definitely helped relax me and keep my nerves at ease.

During the laser treatment, expect to smell burning hair. Once you're done, voila! Hair free and it's been this way for 3 weeks already. Woot! Going back for my next treatment on Friday. I think I only need a couple more and then I'm 100% done.

ps. You might feel a slight sting afterwards, similar to sunburned skin. Don't worry, it's completely normal and only lasts for awhile. :)

Verdict: IPL Laser Hair Removal at YSA Skin and Body Experts produces quick and above average results. If you want to get the job done right away, book an appointment with them!

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