kidz gear headphones for kids review

My daughter is always on her iPad watching Nickelodeon reruns on YouTube or playing games. Are your kids the same way? Do they also usually do this the most while they're sitting beside you on the couch or in the car?

I don't mind the precious company but the noise can get pretty irritating especially when the volume is on real high and I'm trying to follow a program or listen to something on the radio.

This was the birth of me introducing her to headphones. Since then, she's always had a pair that she takes along with her in her tiny backpack along with her iPad. Life has been so much more harmonious since then but not exactly easy on the pocket. So far, she has broken 3 with an average price of about 2k each. Ouch!

Having said that, let me introduce you to Kidz Gear:

Kidz Gear is a line of headphones made especially for kids!
  • it features  KidzControl volume limit technology that keeps decibel levels at a safe 80-90 so they don't ruin their hearing...we all know how they want everything LOUD :P
  • it's priced at just P1190 
  • lightweight with smaller earmuffs that fit them perfectly
  • comes in 5 eye-catching colors (pink, purple, blue, green, orange)
  • has a lengthy 1.5 meter cord
  • lifetime warranty

Even though it's priced way less than an average pair of decent headphones, the sound is just as impressive....very important especially for kids who love to compare..."Mommy, why doesn't it sound the same as yours?" :P

With Kidz Gear, they won't really be able to tell the difference.

The volume control also comes with a clip that you can attach to their shirts or pockets:

And I love that the jack is slim and able to snugly fit into the earphone port without having to take the protective case off my smartphone:

Here's my reluctant model who wouldn't keep still wearing her purple Kidz Gear headphones on:

Notice how it fits like a glove around her head? It doesn't slip off and according to her "It's more comfortable to wear and I love the color".

Kidz Gear can be used with almost any device that supports headphones (each box comes with an adapter in case you have a larger port). It's great for kids aged 2 years and up and I love how it allows me to gift her with the best of both worlds: A "toy" that functions just like its adult version but with a price tag I can afford. :)

Get your own pair of Kidz Gear headphones at Digital Walker and Beyond The Box boutiques.

Kidz Gear is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading.
 For more info on Kidz Gear and their other products, connect with Digits Trading on Facebook.