native union gripster wrap ipad mini case

I've been fortunate enough to own several different iPad cases but none have looked as good as this.

Considering I'm not very girly-girly, the Native Union Gripster Wrap iPad Mini case suits my style 100%.

It's a bit pricier than most other cases but it has a solid build and you know that you get what you pay for as soon as you hold it in your hands.

The case itself comes in 2 parts: the magnetic flap and the hard case that holds your iPad. You need to manually assemble the 2 when you fit your iPad into the case but don't worry, it's very easy to do.

Once you've joined the two together it ends up looking like a miniature piece of (rimowa) luggage:

But the real beauty of this case doesn't solely come from its looks. It functions beautifully and allows you to pose your iPad in different positions so you get to utilize it in ways you've never even dreamed of :P 

And, because the flap is magnetic, you can roll it and store it neatly behind your iPad so it doesn't get in the way of things. Great way to avoid it from getting  accidentally snagged on something that might cause your iPad to topple to the floor.

The large rotating handle at the back is my favorite feature of all...
It doubles as a stand and rotates a full 360° which allows 8 lockable positions. It makes a clicking sound which I find reassuring and safe.

It also comes with a grip strap that allows you to share things with your friends and colleagues while maintaining a secure grip on your iPad:

Back to the awesome giant handle...

Aside from being a sturdy adjustable stand, you can also click it in place at landscape mode so you can carry your iPad like a mini briefcase (love!) or in portrait mode so you can hang it on the wall. Perfect for long Facetime chats or recording video tutorials.

There you have it. The Native Union Gripster Wrap. The best iPad Mini case that money can buy (imho, of course :P).

Native Union is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading and is available at all Digital Walker and Beyond The Box Boutiques.