Ni-Qua: holiday 2014 collection

Why have I been wasting my money on synthetic leather bags?! 

It's not anymore cause it's cheaper...

That's the painful truth I learned at the  Holiday 2014 collection preview for Ni-Qua yesterday.

I have been on the hunt for a perfect genuine leather everyday tote for awhile now (perfect meaning affordable :P), I was desperate enough that I even took to Facebook for some suggestions. I received many but most were above my budget especially for online shopping. When it comes to real leather, I prefer to smell and feel the bag in person first before shelling out cash (also in part due to its (usually) hefty price tag, I want to make sure I get value for my money).

As they say, good things come to those who wait. I received the Ni-Qua invite some weeks ago and RSVP'd without really knowing what to expect. At first I thought they were something like Zalora or Lazada but no. :P
When I arrived at Nail Tropics for a pamper session plus an exclusive preview of their Holiday collection, I was more than pleased to learn that they are actually a brand of leather goods: shoes, bags, wallets even accessories and some clothes! (yay!)

Not only that, their merchandise was also priced significantly cheaper than their counterparts. Amen, prayer answered! :)

Instead of settling down for a foot spa like the others, I immediately set about looking for my dream bag. It did not take long before I found it...

With all their bags priced between P700 and P3000, I could choose whichever I wanted without feeling guilty...and I just have to say...they all felt fantastic...gorgeous buttery leather and they all smelled sooo good too!

But my favorites of the bunch would have to be the Manico (only P2595 for the medium) and Paper Bag Tote (P2995):

Ni-Qua Manico in Black
It would've taken me ages to decide between the two but since I have been looking for a tan bag,
I decided to settle with this Manico:

(I'm so happy with my purchase! The leather is gorgeous and the bag itself is pretty light for a genuine leather bag. I tend to bring a lot of stuff  so a lightweight bag is VERY important to me):

Ni-Qua Manico in Tan Leather - P2595
(But I still plan on getting me a Paper Bag Tote when they come out with new colors soon! :P)

Ni-Qua Paper Bag Tote - P2995
ni-qua bayong bags and kids bags start at just P700
Another to look out for is the "Stillum" bag from their Holiday 2014 collection which will be released this September:

small Manica - P1500
The Stillum comes in 2 types of leather and the body of the bag is purchased separately from the straps so you can customize the look of your bag! (fantastic-nesss). Choose between:
  • Soft leather (like the red one below; only P1595 for the body)
  • Structured leather (like the black one below; only P1895 for the body)
  • or a large nylon body for just P750!
Straps are priced at:
  • P1250 for the long handle in calf hair and P995 for the short
  • P850 for a long handle in leather and P650 for the short
*throw in an extra P200 and get your bag monogrammed!

ni-qua "stillum" bag
niqua manico medium when worn
If you're more into small bags, get a small Manico for just P1500 or watch out for these clutches which will be sold at just P1395!

niqua holiday 2014 clutches
Aside from bags, Ni-Qua also carries pretty ballet flats, wallets, and other small accessories that will make perfect gifts this Christmas (hint-hint: monogrammed leather clutches anyone? prices start at just P650! for real leather, crazy I know, but it's true)

These are just some of the many reasons why I am so smitten with Ni-Qua.
Don't miss out, check out their website at:

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OMG! My expressions in your photos lol

sarahtirona said…
hahaha, sorrreee! thats the best one na i have, let me know if you want me to take it down :P btw, got my shades na. weee, original nga. hahahahaha!
Mafe Manlapaz said…
I love the black one with interchangeable straps! great way to change the look your bag according to mood! ipon ipon na!
MrsMartinez said…
Okay lang hahaha I am so excited to see your OOTD. Btw, can you send the link ng flash lens di ko kasi mahanap baka mali mapili ko. Thanks

Ok lang hahaha BTW, pwede ba ituro mo sa akin un link ng Ray-Ban flash lens. Thanks

sarahtirona said…
here you go: :)
may nakalagay naman usually na flash lens or just check those with colored lenses na parang mirror :)
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