oilily opens in sm megamall

Matchy-matchy mavens of the north rejoice! Oilily has opened a branch closer to you to fulfill all your print-coordinating fantasies.

Unlike its Greenbelt branch (which I blogged about HERE) which is more of a pop-up store, the Megamall boutique has its own space so you can shop the popular Dutch brand's durable and whimsical designs in comfort and ease:

The new store carries their full range of bags, accessories, colognes and many others like baby bags, handbags, school bags, lunch kits, cellphone and tablet cases, umbrellas, wallets so you can enjoy the same print for a cute and kitschy seamless look.

The water resistant material also makes it a perfect match for busy people during these rainy months. I've had my Oilily bag (see here) for about a year now and to this day, it still looks new.

For more info on Oilily Philippines and their products, connect with them socially on Facebook



Jawaher Banico said…
OMG!!! My sister's going to freak out about this! For sure she'll visit this Megamall branch :D
Theresa Cruz-Escaros said…
Theresa Cruz-Escaros

The most magical moment of my life was when i gave birth to my son. Nothing can compare to the overwhelming and inexplicable joy I felt at that moment.
mia amor ilag said…
Ilag, Amor Mia R.
my most magical moment in my life is being adopted by my auntie, because my parents is so out of life, ;D
sarahtirona said…
yay, great to hear! Thank you :)
Courtney Bella said…
when my kids were born!best day ever!!! courtney b

Kimberly Camille Tiu said…
Kimberly Camille Tiu
My most magical moment was when my sister and I went to Manchester for a week! weee!
Mary K said…
Mary Jurj
The most magical moment of my life was when I traveled abroad for the first time. I remember I was truly fascinated by the beauty of New York city! :) x
Steffi Romero said…
Steffi Romero
One of the most magical moment of my life was during my high school graduation because my family was complete and we celebrated together.
Cel Mendiola said…
Maricel Fajardo

The most magical moment of my life is graduated my college degree and the effort and sacrifices are really worth it and finally worth it
Jenna Cruz said…
Jenna Cruz
My most magical moment was when I passed the PH nursing board exam. :)
sherry ann gole cruz said…
sherry ann gole cruz
my most magical moment is when i give birth to my baby bella.. she was diagnosed with no feet but i really thank God that she is normal and very healthy!
Dovi Amor Sabong said…
Dovi Amor Sabong
My most magical moment is when I met the 2 girls of the American series, Pretty Little Liars. I was able to hold the hand of Lucy Hale and was given a hug by Shay Mitchell. OMG! I so love them! :)
Sara said…
amazing giveaway...thanks!!!
The most magical moment of my life is when a new pup comes in my house :)
gfc: dede81
e-mail: frale81@gmail.com
Helen gatbonton said…
helen gatbonton
My most magical dream come true for me is to bonding again with my lovely daughter
Desa Tayting said…
Desa Desiree Tayting


The most magical moment in my life was during my 18th brthday. It was a superb experience! I had to dance with the most amazing men in my life, (esp my dad) and I got loads of cool and adorbs gifts I really didn't get on my previous birthdays. I guess it is really one of those moments that you will feel like you're a special person and the most wonderful one, even just for a night.

Fell inlove at first sight with the giveaway. I hope to win! More power to you and your blog :)
Name: Sharmaine Joy Yere
Email Address: sharmainejoyyere@gmail.com

The most magical moment in my life was when I received the Lord as my personal God and Savior. It's as if all the heavy things that I am carrying are being lifted away. It's as if God's telling me that everything will be fine and He is with me all the time. Whenever it's about God it always feels magical.

Hoping and Praying to win your giveaway! God Bless You! :)
Anna A. said…
Anna Adona
It is not just a single moment. Every time I feel intense positive emotion (like joy, appreciation, love, and excitement) is a magical moment for me.
Mai Balaibo said…
Maridol Balaibo


Probably the most magical moment in my life was during our star gazing in my first year of highschool. Unforgettable :)
Jennelyn Abad said…
Jennelyn Abad
My most magical dream come true for me is to have a bonding with my family
Faith Almario said…
Faith Hazel Almario

The most magical moment in my life is when I give birth to my princess. First Sight, First Hug, First Kiss and First love. I cannot contain the happiness when I see her. Pure love!
Kikay Much said…
name : Kristine Domingo

email address: one_stop_shoppe@yahoo.com

The most magical moment in my life is when i met my boyfriend year 2009.

I felt like I had known him forever" that is a rare thing to happen.I love the way we are together, he always make me smile. I was thingkin if it will be forever? Meeting him has changed my life and i know his my destiny and when im with him i feel the magic... THE MAGIC OF LOVE :)
Claire Sereno said…
Claire Sereno

My most magical moment was when I get to travel in different places and be awed with the culture and places. It's not every day that I get to see different ambiance and tourist destination. I just get lost in time and space when I get amaze with how wonderful God's amazing work is.
Eddielli Bungay said…
Eddielli Bungay

My most magical moment is when my family and I visited HongKong Disneyland for the very first time! It was a very fun and tiring day. I've enjoyed all the rides and I felt like a pribcess when we stayed at the luxurious Disneyland hotel. As if everything is a dream come true! :)
Rozelle Reyes said…
Rozelle Reyes

my most magical moment was when I was given a bouquet for the first time this year, last valentines day by my boyfriend :).. It was so heart warming... it was the first.. and the first are always a lifetime
Name: Benessa Mae Dumol

Email: dumolbenz@yahoo.com

Everyday when I wake up is always a magical moment for me. Being able to live a brand new day again, I am so blessed that I always made sure to live it well.
Jhay Ramones said…
Rhozallino Ramones

MY Magical moment is when i first time i fall in love. The clock is stop and you only saw her beautiful face and music in the background.
Julie Ann A. Dolojan said…
name julie ann dolojan email: dolojanjulieann@yahoo.com
Christine Liwag said…
Christine Liwag | ccliwag@yahoo.com What could be more magical than having to met you, Mama Sar! :* MIss yew!
RheNn RheNn Patricio said…
Renan Patricio

MY Magical moment is when i have my family in my life!
allanoreyes said…
Allan Reyes
The most magical moment in my life is when my daughter was born.
Karina Velasco said…
Karina Velasco

Hired by my dream company!
purpz said…
henley tabal
My magical moment is my first trip abroad - birthday trip to Singapore!
Harley QuiEenn said…
thank you!
one of my magical moment was 5 years ago when I met my boyfriend :)
email: bas7e7@gmail.com
Nikka G. said…
Nikka Gagui

My most magical dream in my life is to graduate this year in College! This is my wish at this moment!
Princess said…
Name: Princess Buenviaje
Email address: princess_buenviaje@yahoo.com

The most magical moment in my life is "I found my True Love"
Lovely Joy V. Merced said…
Lovely Joy Merced

My most magical moment is when I met my my boyfriend who is now my husband :)
suzette said…
Suzette bondoc

My most magical moment in my life is when i graduated College
Jessamer Abing said…
Jessamer Abing

My most magical moment in my life is when i celebrated my 18th bday with my family in HK disney land where it is truly the happiest place on earth :)
twinkle tapalla said…
twinkle tapalla

my most magical moment in my life is when i gave birth to my son. he is my life my everything
Arminda Puno De Leon said…
name Arminda Puno De Leon
email address armindadeleon@gmail.com
Aside from marrying my husband Richard the next magical moments of my life was when I give life to three awesome kids and luckily I survived them all. It's great to always celebrate life!
Rc Go- Aquino said…
Rc go-aquino saquino7@yahoo.com
Most magical moment was when i met my hubby. Because of the love we shared,we had our 3 boys. Our boys was our strength and made all the stresses bearable, and life worthwhile. :)
jared's mum said…
Vix Parungao

the most magical moment in my life would have to be the time i learned that i was pregnant with my little man. it was a dream come true....
Pau-pau Alagao said…
Paula Romana Alagao

I believe the most magical moment in my life is when I saw and hugged my father again after 10 years. It was like a dream come true to me.
Yna Bronozo said…
Marie katrina Bronozo

The most magical moment for me as of now is the first time I see my nephew. And how happy my sister and brother in law that time. Priceless moment for the whole family.
Elinor Semira said…
Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com
The most magical moment in my life is when we had our first little angel ER five years ago.
Emilie Canapi Prades said…
Emilie Udasco

The most magical moment in my life was, when I won a Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland for four (4) and my husband and our two kids traveled there and experienced the once in a life time magical moment. Dream come true for our family! ^_^