party at victoria court's cirque party room

Par-tay at Victoria Court? Why not?

Once get past the stigma, it's actually a great place to have a party at.

Kudos to my friend Pax for choosing it as a venue to celebrate her 31st birthday party at. The suite we had it in was called the Cirque Party Room and it is large enough to fit 40 people with 2 toilets (absolutely necessary when the drinks start flowing and the men begin to get sloppy :P). At just 15k for 10 hours, it's quite a reasonably priced option for a party setting don't you think?

If 40 is a bit much for you, they also have several other Party Rooms and smaller suites with different themes like the Marilyn Monroe Suite, the Elephant Room of Moulin Rouge, a replica of the Oval Office (which I'm sure would be the first choice of many men :P), Monster Ball Suite inspired by Lady Gaga, a Game Of Thrones suite (gah! :P) many, many others and my favorite...the 50 Shades Of Grey suite which I heard has an actual elevator and is fashioned just like Christian Grey's Escala apartment complete with a "Red Room"! That is where I want to have my bachelorette party at.

So anyway, here are some pics from the party and a semi-tour of the Cirque Party Room:

Which to my surprise happened to be very well put together and not tacky at all. The finishes and execution was very impressive and not at all cheesy as one might expect from a motel. VC has really upped their ante.

Happy Birthday again Paxie! Thanks for having us, we should definitely do this again soon. Love you! :)

What I love most about having a party in Victoria Court...aside from not having to clean up that the place is able to bring out the fun side of everyone :P

for more info on Victoria Court + Room Rates, visit their official website at: and connect with socially via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for first dibs on promos.

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Olga C. Paguio said…
I just greeted Aisa on her blog and I'm actually looking forward to her birthday blog post. I didn't know that Victoria Court could be a great party place! You're right, they've definitely upped their ante. And THAT Mr. Grey Suite is very, very enticing.
sarahtirona said…
hahahaha, yes, very very enticing indeed :P
Donna Lim said…
How cool naman this place!!! Happy Birthday to Aisa!

missus donata