performance meets style: fall 2014 nike women’s apparel

I believe I don't really need to sell you on this. Who isn't sold on Nike yet?
Instead, why don't we just gush together and share our mutual love for the brand...

Even back when I was a couch potato, I was already a big fan. Incorporating their pieces into my #ootd's not only because of the unparalleled comfort they provide but also for the automatic street cred anyone in Nike's get rewarded.

The reason why I love Nike's so much is because you can wear them both in and out of the gym. On the street they look awesome but in the gym, they are exceptional...both in looks and performance.

The new 1.0 Cross Bionic is my favorite shoe for CrossFit. It's super light which makes toggling double-unders, box jumps, burpees less tedious and the flat sole is great for lifting.

Their leggings offer the best support I've ever tried. Tight enough that it adds power and helps keep me tight but still with the right amount of play and stretch so it doesn't restrict movement and is easy to slip on and off.

Active wear usually comes attached with endless promises of performance enhancing features but I've only truly felt a difference in Nike's. Once you put them on, it feels like second skin which helps me focus solely on my butt-picking, bra adjusting or worrying about camel-toe. :P
Plus points that they're extra stylish.

This Fall 2014, Nike women's apparel will not only have you feeling great but looking great as well with brand new technology, colors, prints and features that will definitely get your butt off that couch. :P

I saw these zebra-ish shorts/leggings at the store yesterday and I think I'm going back for them. Also have my eye on their jackets...

The reason behind their success is explained in this short video which demonstrates Nike's design philosophy which is to NEVER COMPROMISE. Meticulously researching, developing and creating to produce the best active wear that allows you to look good and feel great in your performance. Amen. (fan girl moment :P)

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