sperry top-sider watches

Did you know that Sperry was created when its founder Paul Sperry observed how his dog could run on wet surfaces without slipping? Pretty irresistible right? A brand inspired by a dog? :P

Anyway, that was way back in 1935 when the Authentic Original Boat Shoe was born...the first boat shoe known for traction and performance. 

Fast forward to present day and it is still the most well-loved shoe among sea-faring peeps, sailing enthusiasts and people who just love shoes. I remember it being a HUGE trend back when I was growing up in the 80s. Me and my brother had little pairs and my entire family would be clad in different colored Top-Siders on days out. My favorite has always been the red and navy blue, goes so well with the nautical theme of Sperry.

The Sperry Boat Shoe has always been a mainstay for the preppy crowd especially here in the Philippines. As gratitude to their loyal fans and undying support, Sperry has decided to come out with a timepiece collection that features important design elements lifted from the shoes and interpreted onto watches so we can still enjoy the essence of the seagoing lifestyle beyond their footwear.

The new timepiece collection shows-off Sperry's well-loved leathers interpreted into straps, some of them even sport the easily recognizable "Top-Sider grommets with skip lacing"!

All of them are sporty, classy and sailing-ready. Choose from a wide variety of colors and watch faces inspired by the vintage compass.

Best yet, price points are quite affordable starting at just P6380!

Check out the new Sperry Top-Sider Timepiece collection at the SM Accessories section of select SM Department Stores nationwide.