triangl swimwear review: dakota superfly + new york noir

Who hates shopping for bikinis? Raise your hand!

I absolutely hate shopping for bikini's. Not only is it extremely hard (and almost impossible) to find a pair that fits --- 
(I don't understand why they continue to sell them in single size sets when hardly anyone is perfectly proportioned...and anyway, who decides on these "ideal proportions" anyway?!) when you do, it's usually only available in a few styles and instead of being able to express myself through my bikini. I usually just have to end up settling and spend money on something I'm not 100% in love just for the sake of having something decent looking to wear.

What's even worse is that after spending a good chunk of my money, I still have to put in some manual labor for slight alterations (see HERE).

Nothing has the ability to lower my self -esteem and ruin my mood as much as an afternoon spent trying on swimsuits.

Probably the biggest reason behind my frustration is my body's odd proportion of having a back that measures 32" combined with a DD cup. They hardly make anything in that size especially in Asian countries like ours. On the odd occasion that I do (usually in Debenhams or Marks & Spencer), the designs are usually matronly AND include either thick padding or push-up features. Seriously?! Obviously, these designers have never walked a mile in a full-busted girls shoes.

What we want is support and decent coverage so as not to end up looking like a pornstar lounging on a beach! Am I right? Can I get an amen on that?!


And that is precisely why Triangl Bikinis are a godsent for us.

Not only are the styles super cute and bang on trend, the support their tops provide is equally phenomenal too.

My first Triangl was the Dakota Superfly which was given to me as a gift:

triangl bikini review

When I first received it, I was like "Awww, that's gorgeous! Such a shame it won't fit..." But it was super gorgeous so despite my doubts, I decided to try it on for fun and just laugh off what I expected to be my ridiculous reflection in the mirror.

Oddly enough, they fit! First tube top to ever fit me (honest!)!!! I squealed! (seriously!)

But then even if it fit, I was a bit apprehensive that it would fall off while walking.

But then (again), it was super cute so I decided to risk it and actually wear it for a day of swimming, football and activities on the beach (I brought a spare bikini just in case). Surprisingly, it withstood the test and my boobs stayed up there.

triangl dakota superfly
I was hooked. 

When we got back from the beach, I decided to order my 2nd pair: The New York Noir:

Just like my Dakota's, I thought the top wouldn't fit at first but when I tried it on...Va-Va-Voom, it's like it magically adopts to your body!

triangl bikini new york noir
triangl bikini black
Bikini Bottomline: I give two thumbs up for big busts in Triangl Swimwear. The neoprene material they use on their bikinis provide great lift and 100% eliminate wedgies and awkward butt-picking for the bottoms. You absolutely get your money's worth. They are the best fitting bikinis I have ever tried on.

ps. Triangl also has the best customer service I've ever encountered online.
pps. for those with smaller cups, don't fret, they'll look fantastic on you guys too!

For more on Triangl Swimwear, check out their website at:

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Unknown said…
What size top did you end up getting? I'm the same size and was wondering what size to get!
Unknown said…
What size top did you end up getting? I'm the same size and was wondering what size to get!