upcycling ideas for halloween costumes

Halloween is just a couple of months ahead and those who wouldn’t want to find themselves cramming for a good costume can start their hunt now. One can start by looking into different Halloween costume trends for 2014 from websites and retail sites like MrCostumes.  Then they can decide if they want to go with the trends or come up with their own creations. Those who want to contribute to the green cause can look into upcycling their Halloween costumes for 2014.

If you have been buying your Halloween costumes off the rack in the past few years then you may want to take a fresh route and wear something old from your closet. Fashionistas can simply look for items that they can mix and match to come up with a new costume. Those who have a knack for DIY can have fun experimenting with discarded items around the house and create a very unique Halloween get up. You can be surprised at what you can make with items that you usually put in your trash bin. An English Magistrate’s costume can be made out of black garbage bags and tissue paper cores for the head piece.   You can also make masks out of cardboards or milk cartons. There is no need to worry if you have no idea on how to do this because there are DIY instructions available on the web to help you with this project. For instance, instructables.com can show you how to make different StarWars costumes and Matha Stewart’s Rib Cage Project demonstrates how you can make a skeleton costume out of your old T-shirts.

Halloween costumes can be sexy, scary, or funny. But you can also make it super creative and unique by going for upcycled costumes. This way you can wow your friends with your fashion sense, creativity, and contribution to the green cause.