Five Practical Tools that you may never have heard of

You may be familiar with household DIY, or a complete novice, but there are a few tools that you may find practical and helpful and not be fully aware of. It could just be that you may be able to make good use of these tools at some point. 
It may seem obvious that if you’ve got a job that needs doing you have to obtain the correct tools to complete the job successfully. But if you’re not aware that certain tools exist then this may not be as easy as it seems. So what sort of less well-known tools may prove useful to you?
Different uses for a squeegee 
Most people have probably used a squeegee as a cleaning utensil, but is that the only use for the item? It may surprise you to know that you can also use a squeegee to create great paint effects on the walls of your home. All you need to do is spread the paint with the edge of the squeegee. To create a pattern in the paint all you need to do is use scissors to cut pieces out of the edge of the squeegee. 
Surviving with a rescue tool
This small and easy to carry tool is ideal for use in an emergency situation, as well as for general DIY tasks such as prising open doors that are jammed. Most often carried by members of the emergency services, they are an ideal tool to have at hand, if only for their flexibility of use. 
Using a tap and die set
Have you ever needed to make a screw hole so that you can attach items to each other, during a DIY task? If this is the case then you really need a tap and die set. The tapping aspect allows you to create threads in a smooth hole; it also allows you to carefully measure the threads per inch (TPI) so that you make sure the screw fits the hole. On the other hand, a die set gives you the option to create screws to use from smooth pieces of metal. 
A powerful chisel
If you’ve ever had to put real power into using a chisel then you know it can be hard work. What you may not know is that you can actually use a power chisel to take some of the pressure off. It’s a very noisy tool to use but it expends a lot less energy than a normal chisel. 
An old-fashioned adze 
Following on from the power chisel, a very modern day tool, is the traditional adze. The adze has been in use since the days of Ancient Egypt and it still has a place in today’s world, especially in the completion of traditional workmanship. The blade of the adze, which is similar to that of an axe, is used in the shaping of tree trunks to be used as beams in wood constructions. 
From traditional to contemporary, all of these tools can prove very useful if you have tasks to complete around the home.