top 7 reasons why I love my fujifilm x-m1 (review and unboxing)

I was lent an X-M1 camera by Fujifilm when I visited their office last month to pick up my Instax Share. They have been convincing me to trade my bulky Canon 600D for one of these for quite some time but being the traditional person that I am, this idea was met with a lot of resistance on my part.

My mind couldn't wrap itself around the thought that a tiny, mirrorless camera like this could compete with the picture quality of my trusty DSLR.

I get bored reading specs and quite frankly, I get a headache and don't understand them at all. I know the terms by name: f-stop, aperture, blah blah but I don't really know how they affect my photos in the end, only vaguely.

I usually rely on pure instinct when I program the settings of my cameras.

Long story short, since I had nothing to lose and all to gain + I was honestly getting tired of lugging around a bulky camera with me all the time to events especially during dressier affairs, I finally decided to give in and allow them to loan me a unit.

The significantly smaller size and lighter weight was an immediate relief that I promptly stopped using my Canon. 

The X-M1 was a better fit for my lifestyle STILL, I was a bit apprehensive about trusting it for my OOTD's.

When I finally got around to it, the result left me impressed. Before I knew it, a month passed without me laying a single finger on my 600D.

I loved the loaner unit so much that when the time came to return it, I felt a slight tinge of panic. Dramatic as it may sound, I didn't want to live without it (LOL).

It was that sense of dread that made me withdraw every scent in my bank account to purchase my own X-M1. Although now broke, I have zero regrets. 

Here it is, my new baby:

Each unit comes with a:

  • kit lens
  • x-m1 body
  • camera strap
  • lens flare kit (?!0
  • charger
  • battery
  • cd/printed manual

And now the top 7 reasons why I love this camera so much:

  • The kit lens is amazing. I usually discard kit lenses because of the poor performance + crappy photos but this one produces really sharp images that I don't even feel the need to upgrade straight away.
  • Performs magnificently under low light and high ISO levels. None of the grainy photos + fuzzy outlines I usually get with my Canon when I go past 800 ISO despite using an 18-135mm lens.
  • Lightweight and compact, it fits into most of my bags.
  • vintage camera inspired design.
  • Photos always come out clear and crisp + colors are true to life and I love the "Fuji" look, feel and quality.
  • Mirrorless. This term used to freak me out, I thought it translated to mediocre. That's ignorance. With the X-M1, mirror, no mirror doesn't make much difference plus you don't have to worry about the number of actuations and having to take it in for service after reaching its quota because this one doesn't have any. (YAY, longer lifespan).

  • And lastly, although quite important is that it's less embarrassing to shoot outdoor OOTDs in public because the small size makes it feel less obtrusive. I don't need to convince Dennis as much to take photos of me. :P Also perfect as a travel buddy.

Some sample photos, unedited (click to enlarge):

The Fujifilm X-M1 is the best camera purchase I've made in my entire life. 

Wether you're a hobbyist, blogger or someone who simply wants to document travels or take family photos, the Fujifilm X-M1's competitive price combined with it's impeccable quality makes it the top contender in its class.

for more info, you may visit: or connect with Fujifilm Philippines socially on Facebook and Instagram (@fujifilmPH) for first dibs on promos!

ps. I think they currently have a BUY 1 X-M1 and get a FREE Instax Share promo


Joey Tibayan-Bayan said…
Hi, I was wondering the price range for this camera. I wanted to buy a new portable camera that is easier to carry around. Thanks!
Joy Felizardo said…
Nice review...I've been looking for a light camera to bring on events to replace my dslr with. Will check this out soon.
sarah tirona said…
thanks joy, glad you like it :)
sarah tirona said…
hi joey, its currently on sale at 31, 990 from 35,990 and I think they even have a promo now where you can get an x-m1 + instax share bundle for only 31,990 :)