juro salon exclusif's hair couture (review)

If you want "Hollywood Hair" tailor-made to suit your unique face shape AND lifestyle, JURO is the only salon you need to visit in Manila. Their "Hair Couture" service is unlike any other in the Philippines.

If you are new to my blog, that might sound a bit bias, but no. Juro has proved to me over and over again (see HERE and HERE) that they are indeed THE BEST SALON in the Philippines. Not only that, Jude is also a Vidal Sassoon graduate and holds a California cosmetology license. He enjoyed running a successful salon in  Santa Monica, California for many years.

On the other hand, Ms. Rose is like the Guy Tang of the Philippines. Her years of training and experience as both a hair colorist and teacher combined with her innate talent and keen eye for color and precision allow her to create showstopping looks in all colors imaginable...mermaid hair, turquoise hair, pastel purple hair, soft ombre, balayage, fire engine red, my little pony hair, you name it, she can do it. Best yet, even after all that lifting, when she's done, your hair will look its most healthy and vibrant in years. 

Unlike my previous two visits where I opted for wilder looks, this time around, I wanted something a little more subtle, mature and easy to maintain.

These were the pegs I showed them:

nicole richie bob
Since I've been growing my hair out for over a year, I didn't want them to chop it short. I wanted an updated look with all the soft, wispy layers (that are sooo 5 years ago :P) gone! In it's place, I wanted a choppy long bob like Nicole Richie's (peg for life! haha).

BUT unlike Nicole who can afford to have a stylist come in and fix her hair everyday, I can't. 
AND, I also have different concerns...

  • wash and wear is ALWAYS my number 1 priority because I am in a perpetual rush daily
  • I wanted it to appear lighter but still long enough that I can tie it in a ponytail when I workout
  • it HAD to be stylish, versatile and modern given my line of work and the events I go to 
  • low maintenance - I don't have the time and money to color it every month + I don't like exposing myself to those kinds of chemicals too often
  • a dye job that could camouflage the persistent white hairs that have begun to sprout shamelessly around the crown of my head every 2 weeks (I want to stop using old mascara to hide it. LOL)

After discussing all these issues over hot cups of coffee prepared by Mr. Jude at their "secret salon" reserved only for loyal clients and VVIP guests, it was time to get started.

Here's my before photo:
(notice the wispy ends and lackluster color: looks like a cheap haircut :(( ) 

juro salon exclusif review
As is the norm at JURO, each styling session begins with a collagen hair prep that gets rid of previous product build-up:

best salon in manila
Once that's done, it's time to get started! 

I was sooo excited because this was the first time Jude was ever gonna cut my hair with me standing up! 

vidal sassoon trained hairstylist in philippines
He does this with longer hair lengths to ensure a perfectly even and symmetrical cut.
(posture alters when we're seated which might affect the way the hair falls)

2014 hair trends for women
Once he's satisfied with the length, it's time to get back in the seat so he can begin "sculpting your hair". Unlike most hairstylists who rely solely on technique, Mr. Jude uses his intuition along with his skill in precision cutting, (which both he and Ms. Rose improve on every year by travelling abroad for fresh training in the latest hair trends), to create a haircut that is not generic looking and is guaranteed to grow out gracefully by respecting the behavior of your natural hair

The result? Less visits to the salon and zero bad hair days!

choppy bob cut
For color, Ms. Rose decided to incorporate Majirel's new Cool Cover dye because of its soft attributes and purple/gray base that prevents a brassy look even months after fading.

majirel cool cover review
She combined this base along with 4 other shades to create a textured look that would blend in well with my old color thus allowing me to get away with fewer retouches in the future.

juro salon review
Also, those bold, blonde streaks (that at first got me a little freaked out :P) are there for a reason. After listening to my dilemma about white hair popping out every two weeks, Ms Rose put those blonde streaks in to make them less noticeable. They also do a great job of framing my face and adding a certain "glow" to my complexion.

Besides, they weren't even at all that visible once the "blending" and "sealing" of color was done (another procedure unique to JURO in the Philippines). That was a big relief for me! :P

Lastly, I just feel the need to mention that no bleach was used and the dye applied on my hair had a very mild odor and was very gentle on the skin.

diy bleached hair
After about 4 hours, here's the result - So much body and shine even without a single drop of product! It also gives the illusion of movement and although still at a longi-ish length, it still manages to look playful and interesting:

long bob
To address the modern choppy look that I wanted, Mr. Jude applied the "gradual concave layer technique" on my hair:

best salon in the philippines
This type of cut combined with Ms. Rose's unique, and stringent method of ouido coloring allows my hair to adapt and appear as if I got a new 'do each time I style my hair a different way.

When it's blow-dried/blast-dried, the look is sleek and conservative: great for work/meetings/more formal events:

2014 bob cut
The blonde streaks actually add loads of character to a basic ponytail:

2014 hair color trends
 And my favorite of all, (although I don't have a photo yet  :( to follow soon, promise!) layered and beautifully textured like Nicole Richie's when it's wavy!!! woot!

juro salon exclusif contact number
So again, thank you, thank you Ms. Rose and Mr. Jude for always addressing my hair issues precisely and for being more than just hairstylists but confidants as well. I ALWAYS leave your salon with an extra dose of confidence afterwards.

'Til the next makeover session! xoxo

If you're looking for the best hairstylists in the Philippines, I highly suggest booking a free consultation at JURO.

Their salon is located at:
Kensington Place, Unit #2D, 1st Avenue corner 29th Street (near Burgos Circle), Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 
tel. no: +632822-5673/09199915027(Fel)

*****for more on JURO, check out my previous reviews HERE and HERE
also visit: http://jurosalon.com/ and connect with them socially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@JuroSalonExclusif)