nars fall 2014 color collection: night caller

The holiday season is all about bold and luxurious colors. Be the party vixen this Fall 2014 with Nars' new color collection: "Night Caller".

It's a sexy smattering of intense colors accentuated with glamorous flecks of gold and rich metallics.

Also worth mentioning are the new matte metal magnetic cases which are not only the ultimate in minimalistic chic but they also allow you to stack your eyeshadows in a neat pile.

So anyway, without further adieu, the Fall 2014 collection:


These new eyeshadows can be applied dry for a sheer. airbrush-like finish or with a dampened brush for an intense, opaque color.

Available in 12 different shades: 
Andromeda (alabaster), Europa (Gossamer pink peach), Dione (Metallic champagne beige), Cassiopeia (Iridescent electric pink), Callisto (Icy pink silver), Desdemona (Rich shimmering burgundy), Himalia (shimmering topaz), Lysithea (shark grey), Sycorax (black), Phoebe (Deep shimmering amethyst), Giove (navy), Subra (Black orchid)

Enough choices to cater to whatever look you might be feeling that day wether its more on the romantic pinks or fierce blacks.

SRP: 1550

nars double or nothing

A subtle version of the longtime cult classic "Orgasm" blush, Unlawful Blush is not so much a bright pink but more of an amber pink with silver pearls. It’s a muted, rosy-brown with warm undertones and silver shimmer and a slight silver sparkle.

Long-lasting with a good color pay-off, this shade goes well with all the bold eye colors this season!

nars unlawful blush

Lasts up to 8 hours, these have a buttery texture which makes it easy to apply and blend. Pigmentation is excellent.

nars dolomites duo eyeshadow swatch
Dolomites is a shiny rose quartz and chocolate while Jardin Perdu is a metallic dove gray and amethyst. When translated to the skin, the look is soft, frosted and metallic:

nars jardin perdu duo eyeshadow swatch
Comes in 4 colors:
  • Night Flight - black with cobalt blue pearl
  • Night Bird - black with purple pearl 
  • Night Clubbing - black with gold pear
  • Night Porter - black with green pearl
nars night caller eyeliner
Long-wearing for up to 10 hours, these new eyeliners are rich and opaque.

All 4 start with a black base but translate to beautiful metallic jewel tones with gold specks once applied:

nars night caller eyeliner swatch
And finally, I saved the best for last...

NARS 20th ANNIVERSARY LIPSTICKS: The Audacious Lipstick Collection which comes in 40 new SKUs which are all named after inspiring women like Audrey, Marlene and Rita.

nars 20th anniversary lipsticks
These lipsticks are to die for, richest pigment I've ever encountered and the new formulation is a dream to apply on the lips!

You a pink person? There's more than enough variants to choose from! Red? Same. Brown? Same.
Endless choices with slightly distinct differences. The question is, how will you narrow down your choice to just one or two?

nars audacious lipstick collection
Just judging by these swatches, you can already tell its rich and luxurious consistency.

nars audacious lipstick  collection swatches
NARS FALL 2014 COLOR COLLECTION is now available at all NARS Boutiques and at The Beauty Source of all Rustans Department Stores nationwide.


Anagon said…
Yummy! :D
Mavi said…
Love this post! ..but how much would the Nars Audacious Lipsticks be? :)
sarahtirona said…
Thanks Mavi! If I'm not mistakened, around 2K give or take :)
sarahtirona said…
yea ganda sobra nung lipsticks!