shakey's opens 7 new branches in the philippines

Now you can get your mojos/thin crust pizza fix closer to home with the opening of 7 new Shakey's branches!

Due to a high demand (and craving) for flavor that only this "long-loved by all" pizza chain can satiate, Shakey's has opened 7 new branches in Aseana, Hemady. Taytay, Evia, Kawit, Kisad and Buting.

Your area not included in that list? 
Don't fret, they'll be opening 12 more stores before the year ends!

Yummy! Ok, talking about it has got me craving now. That's really all it takes for me to pick up the phone, dial 77-777 and have some pizza, chicken + mojos delivered to me :P (low eq)

Cheers to more Good Times and Great Memories at Shakeys! 
Happy Sunday! :)