victorinox inox: launch of the toughest watch in the world

Who doesn't know what a Swiss Army Knife is? 
It's as iconic as a can of Campbell's soup. Almost everyone I know owns one and can't leave the house without it (myself included). It's like a security blanket given how dependable, versatile and durable it is...(from opening wine bottles to minor repairs and taking stray food out from in between your teeth, the little gizmo is capable of doing almost anything :P). It's no wonder Victorinox is considered a national treasure in Switzerland.

A few days ago at WhiteSpace, Victorinox did it again with the release of a watch that is tough as nails and designed to be your daily companion in life wether you are a deep sea diver, bomb specialist (and I wouldn't be surprised if it couldn't even withstand the conditions in outer space) :P.

Presenting the I.N.O.X. watch by Victorinox!

Being known for producing the best watches in the world, all Swiss watches undergo 80 standard certification tests but 80 wasn't enough for the I.N.O.X. team who wanted to translate the Swiss Army Knife into a Swiss Army Watch that can boast the same steadfastness and resilience. 

The result was putting this new watch under 130 strength tests. Way beyond the required 80 so naturally, some were just plain insane!

  • being run over by a military tank 
  • subjecting it to temperature shocks ranging from -57°- +71°(which is the standard set by the US Army for the manufacture of missiles)
  • salt spray corrosion and other chemical attacks by all sorts of fuels (gasoline, insecticides, solvents, sulfuric and nitric acid solution, cleaning products, etc.
  • exposure to flame at a distance of 5mm for more than a minute
And many many more equally crazy and challenging scenarios.

I mean seriously, who encounters those conditions in everyday life. I can only think of James Bond!

But seriously, the INOX had to go through all these to deserve the title of being the toughest watch in the world.

So it was only natural that they also employ equally tough and versatile men to represent their new product:

After all, the INOX is not just tough, it's pretty as well and will go with most of your outfits wether you're a boy or a girl, going to the office or engaging in a sport of your choice.

Currently available in 3 colors: Black, Khaki Green and Navy Blue, each watch comes with a stylish bumper that you can attach as added protection for more rugged activities. 

(Not that it needs it. The INOX performed all of the strength tests WITHOUT this bumper).

And finally, the specs:

  • Swiss made
  • reinforced stainless steel (43mm)
  • scratch resistant sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflection treatment
  • water resistant to 200 meters
  • screwed on stainless steel caseback
  • movement: Swiss-made Ronda 715

The Victorinox INOX watch is now available for only P26,000*.

Start saving! I'm sure your dad/hubby will love one for himself this Christmas...You know how guys have a soft-spot for everything tough and machismo. ;P