globe gcash bazaar - 5 reasons why you need gcash charge this christmas season

I was first introduced to Globe (Gcash) Charge earlier this year at a press conference (see here). During that event, we were able to test out the new, portable credit card terminal in a controlled environment.

This time around,  an actual bazaar was set up with real merchants using the device so we could actually experience what it's like to pay using Globe Charge.

We were given Globe Gcash Debit Cards loaded with cash that we could use to buy anything we wanted from the bazaar.

These Gcash Debit cards are pretty cool if you sell online. You can register them and connect with your existing GCash account so they share the same balance and you can even register your card with Paypal for one-click hassle free shopping with international websites.

Tell you the truth, paying via Globe Gcash Charge is exactly the same thing as paying via a traditional credit card terminal. It takes the same amount of time, same procedure.

Below are photos from the bazaar and here are my TOP 5 
  1. No lost transactions - sure clients can say they will return after withdrawing some money from the ATM but they can also get sidetracked and not go back for the item.
  2. Earn More - people don't normally carry large amounts of cash with them, if you sell high ticket items with no credit card payment option, there's less chances of you moving your stuff
  3. Zero Interest - for a limited time period, Globe Charge is offering 0% interest, this will woo your customers into shopping more.
  4. Convenience - people will shop with you more if they know they can buy anytime without having to go through the hassle of withdrawing money first.
  5. Safety - since you and your clients are holding less cash, there's less chances of getting mugged.

According to The Bagmaster and BC Fragrance, their sales have more than doubled since they started accepting Credit Card payments.

Get your own Globe Gcash Charge terminal for only P999 at select Globe branches nationwide.

For more info, you can visit this link or visit: or email:

ps. would you like me to get one for Bloggers United so you can buy my stuff using your credit card?



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