h&m philippines megamall vip party - top 5 reasons why you should line up tomorrow

I was supposed to wait and post this tomorrow but I can't sleep!  I'm overstimulated from my shopping experience earlier tonight at the VIP party/opening of the first ever H&M store in the Philippines!

The first flagship store is located in Mega Fashion Hall but once you're inside, it's easy to forget that you're in Manila, it's just as huge as the ones abroad, PACKED with goodies!

So if you're thinking wether or not you should line up tomorrow to win that coveted P6,000 GC, let me tell you right now that YES, TURN OFF YOUR LAPTOP, GET SOME REST, WAKE UP BRIGHT AND EARLY AND TAKE THE FIRST RIDE TO MEGAMALL!!! DONT FORGET TO WEAR COMFORTABLE CLOTHING!!!

I am saving up for my trip next month so I attended the VIP opening with no intention to buy anything. 

What a stupid thing to think. hahahaha

First minute in, I already found 4 pieces I wanted to take home with me.

Before I leave you with photos from the VIP Party earlier tonight, here's the


  1. CHEAP!!! SUUUUPER CHEAP!!! I feel like it's even cheaper than the one in Hong Kong! You can get pants and sweaters for just P599 and super nice quality at that.
  2. If that's not enough, there's even going to be a sale tomorrow. 40-70% off!!! HOARD!
  3. Clothes are quality, nice fabric + the designs are classy. Lots of basics with a twist that you can wear over and over again + a lot of what they have cant be found anywhere else.
  4. P6,000 - first in line gets a P6,000 GC. Girls, shoes are as low as P600, basic shirts for P299, accessories P149, clothes P499 + the discount! Can you imagine how many pieces you'll be able to get with 6K???
  5. DIBS! Everyone will be clamoring to get the best pieces. For sure, if you don't hurry, your size will run out. Promise.

If you're too excited to sleep just like I am, here are some photos of the new store:

It was pretty difficult to take a lot of pictures because over 1,100 people attended the event. (Yes, there was some pushing and shoving involved just to get that perfect shoe in your size.)

ps. those H&M slip-on sneakers that everyone wants are here in an endless variety of colors and textures. They go for as low as P800!

There's three whole floors for you to explore. There's something for everyone. Work, play, babies, kids, teenagers, men, women. Socks, lingerie, shoes, clothes, accessories everything down to cutesy erasers, iphone cases and many many more.

For more of an idea what to expect, check out: http://www.hm.com/ph/

Here's a tip for efficient shopping, make a list of what you need, check their website and list down the things you want. ;)

pps. Another awesome thing? You can buy whatever you want, try them on at home, if you decide you don't want it after all, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase!

for more on on #HMPhilippines connect with them socially on Instagram and Twitter (@hmphilippines). Check the hashtags #HMPhilippines and #HMLovesPH



patty villegas said…
Nice seeing you today, Mommy Sarah. :))
I'm happy you still recognize me.

Brenda R Wood said…
WOW, so many fashion outfits, that is a very good event for philippines.

sarahtirona said…
yes, long awaited :)
sarahtirona said…
of course, nice seeing you too! see you again soon :)