met tathione capsules review - 1 month after

I finally finished my first bottle of Met Tathione yesterday and after a month of taking it regularly, here's my verdict.

I Laveet. 

As I mentioned in my first post (read here), Met Tathione is supposed to boost your immune system, increase sexual potency, remove toxins from liver,  and protect the body from free radical change.

I don't know so much about the sexual potency part but regarding their other claims, yes it works, wonderfully.

Think of Met as Vitamin C but 1000x times better.

The whole time I was on Met, I managed to evade getting infected by my husband and daughter's flu. In our entire household, I was the only one virus-free.

But most of all, I am addicted to the effect it has on my skin!

I've never seen it glow this much since high school! 

I've gotten used to waking up to dull, tired looking skin. I couldn't leave the house without moisturizer/tinted moisturizer on to liven things up but now I don't have to. I wake up looking fresh everyday. Yes, the occasional eye bags are still there but overall, my skin has regained it's youthful glow.

No other product I've tried has managed to produce the same results.

It's perfect for impatient, result-oriented people like me who want to see the effects right away. I started to notice changes just a week after taking my first pill. 
(I hope that it wasn't just a placebo but nonetheless it made me feel good to look good so no complaining there. Also, the end result was unparalleled.)


As prescribed on the bottle: Take 2x day after meals. I did this along with my daily dose of Vitamin C to help boost the process along.

Throughout my one month on Met, I experienced no side effects or discomfort.

If you've been thinking about getting yourself a bottle, do it. Met Tathione definitely works. Don't waste your money on cheaper options that promise a lot but deliver nothing. With Met, I guarantee you'll get the results you desire within a month or less. I personally can't stop taking them. :P
And that's okay because it's totally safe and beneficial for your body.

for more info, visit their website at:  or LIKE MET Tathione on Facebook


mariel said…
hi :-) Would you recommend buying hongkong dollar here in the Philippines or just exchange US dollar to HK$ there?

sarahtirona said…
hi mariel! :) both are okay, i usually end up doing both kse what i bring is usually not enough. sarap kse mag shop so im always over budget. hahaha. try to have it changed here na sa bank para safe. if you need more there, theres a lot of money changers around esp at tsim sha tsui. the one near sasa on ashley rd has a good rate. whatever you do never have it changed in the airport. super rip-off. hope this helps! :)
Heart Calimlim said…
I am planning to buy this. This review is very helpful for me to decide. ;) would really love to try this and post a review as well :)
Olga C. Paguio said…
Aww, I've been waiting for your verdict. Glad to see the results! It really works :)
Claire Sereno said…
I want to try it too!
sarahtirona said…
go for it, let me know what happens :)
sarahtirona said…
Thanks Olga! :) yea, i really really like it hahaha :P
sarahtirona said…
you should :) im sure it would help a lot of people decide for themselves more based on several different observations instead of just one or two :)
imtheonlyone21 said…
pretty wow mommy
John Carlo Pormento said…
hi, i just purchase 1 bottle of met. and now im in doubt for i see a lot of negative reviews about the product. and it is true that there are side effects? thanks :)
sarah tirona said…
hiya! i didnt experience any negative effects naman while i was on it...
shel s said…
im taking met 3 days palang, kailangan ko pa ba mag vit c?