ootd: coven-ish + easy last minute halloween costumes

Been awhile since I've had a "legs for days" post. :P I've been embracing flats so much lately (they're sooo comfortable!) that I've put most of my heels in storage. Looking at these photos though, they make me remember how flattering heels can be. Flats can never ever make my legs look this good (sad :( ) so I guess it's back to more "tiis-ganda" moments again this season... :P

Anyway, with Halloween tomorrow and me procrastinating (as usual), been researching for easy last minute DIY costumes. If you have a lot of black in your closet like me, a stylish and super easy costume would be dressing like any of the girls in American Horror Story: Coven. Just pick out your most stylish LBD/ensemble, add a hat, some boots and a solemn attitude and you're good to go! :P

Wednesday Addams is also another super easy option. ;)

  • OR you could go as Facebook - just write book across your face with eyeliner :P
  • Holy Cow - wear a halo, wings and cow print whatever
  • Pot Head - DIY a headband and attach a small pot to it
I might go as Cher from Clueless since I have a lot of plaid skirts and button downs in my closet but I haven't fully decided yet.

There's a lot of cool ideas on Pinterest.

floppy hat street style

azalea residences baguio
lace shorts street style
forever 21 black sweater and lace shorts | suiteblanco clutch | romwe hat (see here) | zara sandals

photos by anagonzales.com