ootd: just shoot it

Only 2 photos + 1 event photo because way too embarrassing. :P

Shot this smack in the middle of mega fashion hall because it was night time and we had no other option. I couldn't take all the people stopping and gawking so just 2 real quick ones.

Wore this to the relaunch of the newly made-over Forever 21 boutique in Megamall a couple of weeks ago. Been bitten by the extra-lazy (extra because I am a pretty lazy dresser anyway but lately I've been extra extra lazy :P) bug again and I wanted something ultra-comfortable yet still with some personality.

I LOVE WORKOUT clothes, they are the comfiest ever! if I could live in them I would but sadly I'm not a professional paid athlete. I blog. fashion. So here's the next best thing...:P

Added my favorite pair of white platforms from Topshop to make the outfit look a little less excercise-y and little bit more fasyown-normcore.

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Gellie Abogado said…
Sayang you only had three photos... But still... Love the look! Comfy, laid back but still very feminine and gorgeous, Sarah!