ootd: little red riding me

By now you all probably know that I'm not really a red nor a dress person. I much much prefer dressing like a boy but there are rare occasions when I get bitten by the "femme bug" and wake up feeling the need to put on some pumps and something pretty. 

The other day was one of those days...

I pulled out all the stops...midi, pumps, pearls..oh ma gad I can hardly believe it's me. haha

But that was fine since I was attending the Fall/Winter 2014 launch of Massimo Bonini (see post here) and that always calls for something a little more special.

I've had this dress hanging in my closet for awhile now...another pick during one of those "femme bug" days so I thought it the perfect opportunity to finally wear it.

red dress street style
red midi skirt street style
red midi skirt
red midi dress street style
what shoes to wear with a red dress

giant pearl necklace from yoyo melody (see here) | red dress from the pink room shop (see here) | zara pumps | rayban matte folding wayfarers from glasses online (sale, see here)

photos by paultheprguy.com



butch said…
Na intriga ako with your necklace. Immediately checked out yoyomelody, they have some cool stuff! Do they ship door to door or thru post office?

Nice dress and bag!
sarahtirona said…
Hi Butch! Thank you ! :) I got mine through the post office lang
waseem said…
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Maria Olaguivel said…
parang donya! haha :)

pop of color ang outfit! loveeet!
Hazel Asoy said…
I love your dress. Been wanting to have one.
sarahtirona said…
hahahaha sometimes masarap din magpanggap! :P
sarahtirona said…
get one na hazel, i think this is only 400! :D