ootd: ways around it

Yay, I think I've finally found a way to be able to have a steadier stream of ootd's for you guys! I know I've been lacking these past few weeks. Ever since I started to attend events less regularly, shooting has become more of a challenge. In case you didn't know, me and my blogger friends mostly rely on each other to take outfit shots. We're all busier now with work so we don't get to hang out as often outside of events and the few times were able to, we prefer to just relax and catch up rather than bother ourselves with a good place to shoot.

So anyway, me and Dennis always have to wait extremely long for our daughter to come out of her school at dismissal time. We sit around the car for up to 30 minutes sometimes just checking our different social media accounts on our phones and then the other day I had a genius idea! Why not shoot while waiting?

Dennis hates taking my ootd's but since he gets to sit in a parked car while shooting he's pretty much happy with this arrangement. I, on the other hand, am a bit embarrassed because there are lots of other cars waiting in line as well so what I do is I just pretend to smoke or text so as to appear nonchalant. hehe

Here you go...

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Ana Vieira said…
amazing kimono :)

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kikaysikat said…
Sarah! Thanks to your post, I finally know how you guys manage to take OOTD shots everywhere! Lucky you you have blogger friends who'll take pictures of you. I rely on strangers and praying hard they won't run away with my phone/cam LOL

I'm a silent follower and I love your laid back outfits that can be worn and stand out yet fit in at the same time.

sarahtirona said…
Hi kikay! thanks for checking out my blog :) i appreciate it! relying on strangers is a big no-no! hahahaha times are super hard now, the idea of having someone runway with your cam is not so farfetched. :P thanks for the link, will check out your post later, pls tag me on twitter. ty! :)