phfw in japanese proportions

Since Philippine Fashion Week has shrunk to half its size and I only attend for one day now, I wanted to wear something different...a little bit more unexpected and out of the box.

That's what I love about Fashion Week, it gives you the freedom to experiment and wear whatever you like.

I didn't have the chance to shop for anything new. Although I really wanted to, my schedule was so crazy, there was no time to squeeze in a trip to the mall. I only had this (sort of extended) hoodie that I picked up during the H&M shopping party last week (read about it here) so I decided to build up on it to create different layers, textures and dimensions (naks?!haha).

Photos are a bit hazy cause they were shot in sport mode indoors after the Suiteblanco, Uno de 50 and SFERA shows...

philippine fashion week street style
culottes street style 
It's easy to pick out a pretty outfit, something safe that I know looks pretty and flattering but I also find that boring. It doesn't utilize much of my imagination or creativity. Why wear something you can easily find on a brochure, magazine or catalog? That totally defeats the purpose of having a style blog (imho).

fashion week street style
h&m philippines fashion blogger
coat from h&m philippines | uniqlo button down and socks | calvin klein linen crop vest | warehouse culottes | asos boots

photos by Catch Gaviola


anagon said…
word!!!! Love this look, eto ang inspiring!;)
sarahtirona said…
omigosh ms ana! super thank you :P hehehe, i miss you dude, thanks. sayang you didnt make it to the shoe pero ok lang naman din. see you soon. text kita :)
Gellie Abogado said…
love the look, sarah! creative and you really look awesome! and i love the boots! fierce print! :D

sarahtirona said…
thank you gellie! xoxo :)
This is such an amazing look, Sarah!!

sarahtirona said…
thank you gem, appreciate it :)