top 5 places to buy boyfriend jeans in manila

Here in Manila, one of the most difficult cuts of jeans to find are a good boyfriend. 

Earlier this year, Topshop (I think) was the only one who carried them and only in 2 washes. I've been dying for a pair for a really long time so despite it's semi hefty price tag, I immediately snatched both washes in my size.

I was lucky enough to get a petite in a light acid wash but my darker pair is a regular size 4UK. It's a little bit longer but since the style is supposed to be worn with the cuffs folded, it didn't pose so much of a problem.

I hardly wore jeans when it was all about skinnies. I hate skinny jeans. I can't breath in them. I have muscular legs so they fit really tight and make them look bigger than they actually are (or so I think :P haha). Point is, I didn't like them and I find that the boyfriend's semi-loose fit that just skims the body is way more forgiving on most body types.

Blah blah blah....

Anyway, cut the story short, several months after I got my Topshop's, more and more "good boyfriends" have started to make its appearance in the malls.

If you'e on the lookout for a good pair of boyfriend jeans, here's a list I put together to help you out. Hope you like! :)

ps. these shops are good for all sorts of cuts not just boyfriends.

1. AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS - I used to love AE when I was younger but they didn't have boutiques here yet so I'd have to rely on gifts from abroad. Because they weren't readily available, I sort of forgot about them but when my teenage stepdaughter came to visit from the states, she reminded me why I used to be crazy about their stuff. 'Til now they carry some of the best fitting jeans you will ever find in the metro.

AE's take on the boyfriend is a little less baggy and a little more tailored. If you don't want the extra room around your hip area or are conscious about looking wide or manly, these are the perfect boyfriend's for you. Check out the BOY CROP or the BOYFRIEND.

retails for around P2000-P3500

2. TOPSHOP - Topshop's boyfriends are  edgy and leans towards the tomboy side. They have a baggier fit than AE's but definitely a lot more cutting edge.

They go well with Birkenstocks, heels and slip on sneakers. The only pair you need to get you by this entire season and the next!

retails for around P3000-P4000

3. SUITEBLANCO - If you're lucky enough to find a pair in your size, I suggest paying for them immediately. The cut is similar to Topshop's but with a way more affordable price tag. Think P1400-P1700 for beautifully soft, distressed pair. Like I said, the only mainly problem here is managing to find it in your size. They sell like hotcakes.

4. GREENHILLS TIANGGE or JJ Lifestyle in Shoppesville - Sorry no photo for this one but you'll be surprised at how nice some of the overruns at Greenhills are. And yes, sometimes, you will even find an American Eagle pair for only P900. You need to be patient though and fit, fit, fit. Sometimes, tags are mismatched.

5. PENSHOPPE - My favorite of all because of its ultra-flattering cut and super affordable price tag. These boyfriends only cost P900 and the wash is a dark to die for color!!!

Only problem is that their smallest size will still probably be a bit loose on the ultra, ultra petites and the material doesn't feel as soft, worn in and comfortable as the first 3 I mentioned above. But who cares, for P900, I'll break them in myself! ;P

There you go! Hope you like my list. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to compile for you. Happy Shopping! :)



purpz said…
checking Penshoppe then - for a budget friendly boyfie pants!
january said…
old navy has it at less than 2k only :)
Nice! I would check penshoppe. Hope to find a pair for me!
lee rosales said…
for grabs talaga ang penshoppe bf pants. sana bagai sakin.. haha
sarahtirona said…
sana, super steal talaga :)
sarahtirona said…
good luck, hope you find your size :)
sarahtirona said…
thanks you! whats the fit and wash like? :)
sarahtirona said…
good luck :)
roan said…
i got mine in terranova..

1925 & 1695.
Handsomeman said…
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