travel ootd: what to wear when travelling

Packing is an art form. I learned that early on in life. I've been helping my grandma pack since I was 7. It began with her just asking my opinion and then later on graduated to me doing the "conceptualization" and actual packing.

The secret to efficient light packing is planning and research.

  • check google for the climate of the place you're visiting
  • consider the activities you will be doing
  • comfort comfort comfort - we all like to shop before a trip but try to give the new clothes or shoes a dry run first and check how comfortable you'll be in them for extended periods of time
  • bring "multi-tasking" clothes and footwear
  • bring separates that you can easily mix and match
Just like packing, picking the perfect travel outfit also takes practice, trial and error.

I like wearing loose clothing that won't wrinkle so much even when I decide to curl up in them. For footwear, I prefer those I can easily slip on and off like these Birks, slip-on sneakers or boots.

I also like oversized jackets that I can drown myself in ala Mary Kate Olsen. They also work great as makeshift blankets in the car or plane.

In my tiny luggage, I managed to squeeze in around 8 outfits for work, play, dining and adventure just by mixing and matching. Will share every single piece of clothing I brought with me + worn photos in a future post for your reference.

In the meantime, here's the outfit I wore on the way to our "Group Getaway" at Azalea Hotel and Residences in Baguio last weekend (you can check my review + rates here):

jogger pants street style
birks street style
normcore fashion
military parka street style
olsen twins birkenstock

rayban clubmasters from | forever 21 shirt and jogger pants | birkenstock arizona | zara bag | romwe parka

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wonderwall said…
Great tips, I needed that. I will be travelling to Korea this December hehe thanks for posting!

Lou of,
sarahtirona said…
you're welcome! how exciting :) enjoy your trip :)
sarahtirona said…
thanks isa! :)