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Things were a lot different when I was growing up. The common belief was that there was only one way to be considered intelligent and that was to be "book smart" (or "brain smart" if you're looking for a more scientific term).  Those of us who weren't that adept in the academic department were considered lazy or lacking in motivation. We were pressured to spend most of our spare time studying with tutors to compensate for our less than stellar grades. All their efforts were concentrated on improving our report cards and not much else.

They didn't really care that I enjoyed to paint and was particularly good at it. The most I would get was a smile and an A+ in art but everybody knew that art class along with P.E., was unspokenly considered a class that slackers excelled in.

This type of traditional teaching really put a dent in my formative years. I grew up thinking that I wasn't as good as my other classmates and that the same opportunities for success wouldn't be available to me. Because of this, I never bothered applying to the top universities. Instead, I sent my applications to small colleges who were known to accept almost anyone and settled on a course I wasn't really happy with. 

I pretty much lived my life this way, settling, until I gave birth to my own daughter and was exposed to the "progressive way" and  "multiple intelligence".

Progressive teaching and learning is recognizing and embracing that each child is different and unique. They can either be "brain smart", "body smart" or "people smart". Unlike the traditional way wherein you are forced to excel academically, the progressive way has a more gentle approach. They help you improve on your strengths and guide you through your weaknesses.

This is the only type of upbringing that my daughter and most of her peers know and the difference between their generation and mine is astounding. Whereas we were timid and unsure, these kids of today are confident and seem wise beyond their years.

The future is looking bright and it appears like nothing can dampen their eager spirits as long as we fulfill our role as parents and pledge to continue to support and expose (and make available to them) our children to all the options available for them.

Having said that, here's a quick giveaway for a chance to win a P500 Mercury Drug gift certificate and a "mystery gift pack" that will help your child reach her full "multiple intelligence' potential.

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