big is always better

 Diamonds, boobs, butts. 
Except maybe hair. 
Big is always better. 

When it comes to clothes, I like it big and roomy with enough space for me to move around in. 

Realistic outfits that allows the wearer to live and function normally during their daily exploits.

For someone with a busy schedule like mine, easy is the operative word and I can't think of an easier to put together outfit than this one...wait okay maybe a slip dress + birks would be easier but this is pretty simple too.

All black.

And to break it apart, a cozy oversized blazer in gray...which is so neutral, I think it can practically go with any color under the sun.

oversized blazer street style
celine nano street style
black pants street style
gray blazer street style you like 'em big too? hehehe :P

h&m gray blazer | sm woman top | warehouse trousers | topshop sneaker slip-ons

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