DIY care bears costume for adults

If there's a king of catastrophe, I am probably the queen of procrastination (and cheap.) :P

My sis in law's birthday falls on Halloween and each year, she celebrates with a costume party. Each year, I come up with a costume just a few hours before the festivities. Cramming is my specialty and cheapness is my special trait. I can't seem to bring myself to spend on a costume I'll only wear once so I always DIY it with what items I have in my closet. Thankfully, I'm a styleblogger so I have a lot of costume-y items in storage.

For the last couple of years I've gone as Axl Rose, and the guy from Clockwork Orange (I can't find my photo of that).
diy axl rose halloween costume

diy axl rose costume
Yesterday, I was feeling exceptionally uninspired. I didn't know who I wanted to be. At first I was thinking Wednesday Addams or Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice (cause I have a lot of black in my closet) or Cher from Clueless (but that's like how I would normally dress anyway). All of those ideas seemed kinda bleh for me and then I remembered these Kawaii hoodies that I bought sometime ago...

bear hoodie
At around 7pm, (party was at 9:30) I finally thought Care Bear! With less than 2 hours on the clock, I had to get moving fast.

I grabbed an old white t-shirt, a dinner plate, scissors and some needle and thread:

diy care bears costume
I was looking for an old red t-shirt I could cut into a heart but I couldn't find any old enough to cut so I just grabbed one of those recyclable shopping bags in red and used that instead.

I measured a circle using my dinner plate on the white cloth and did a free hand heart on the red. Stitched the heart onto the white cloth, cut it in half then attached it to my bear hoodie with a running stitch (so I can easily remove it afterwards). The whole process took me less than an hour and voila! Instant Tender Heart Bear costume:

diy care bears costume adults
It was fun being a Care Bear, everyone would stop, smile and say "Care Bear Staaaaareeee" each time I walk by. 

If in case you don't own a bear hoodie, you can just use any hoodie and attach cardboard ears and a pom pom tail at the back.

care bears costume adults
Some photos from the party last night:

care bears costume for women

buzz lightyear costume adults 

diy care bears costume women
Last night was fun and today I'm paying for it with a HUGE hangover. Can't drink like a fish anymore and not suffer dire consequences once you hit your thirties :P Hope you all had a fun Halloween as well! Who'd you go as?