gatsby 7th dance competition philippine finals 2014

When people ask me for haircare/styling product recommendations, I almost always suggest products that are manufactured in Asia. Aside from them being cheaper than most of its western counterparts, I also believe they work better since they were specifically developed for Asian hair and Asian hair behaves very differently from Caucasian hair.

Of all I've tried, Gatsby has remained my favorite. Although generally marketed as a product for men, their hair wax works extremely well on (short hairstyles for) women too. My favorite used to be the red one ("Power and Spike" - for active & metro). I would spread a thin layer of product on my fingers/palms, run it through my hair and my blowdry/style would stay intact throughout the entire day.

It's lightweight, non-sticky and has an extremely strong hold so a dance competition with lots of rigorous movements really is the best venue to showcase Gatsby's excellent performance. Dancing causes you to sweat and bob your head around like an epilepsy patient so you really need a good product to maintain "your swag". :P

And swag was what all of the Gatsby 7th Dance Competition finalists had:

Upon entering the roped-off area of Market!Market!'s activity center, the first thing I noticed was the stylish and eye-catching make-up and hairstyles the contestants had.

Wild hair colors were amass + lots and lots of volume, volume, volume on both the men and women.

One of the biggest hair trends I noticed were braids. Braids everywhere with new interpretations and in the most unexpected place. Just a bit on the side, under their ponytails, around their heads. Weird placements but they looked super cool:

And of course, to keep everything in place, more Gatsby hairstyling products! Caught these two giving each other last minute touch-ups before the show with some Gatsby hairspray:

So anyway, back to the competition....

The Gatsby Dance Competition is held yearly and is divided into 2 categories:
  • Open College Division (small crew)
  • College Crew Division (big crew)
The winner of the small crew not only gets bragging rights, cash  and the opportunity to train with any professional dance group of their choice in Asia but also a chance to compete in the grand finals which will be held in Tokyo, Japan this coming March 7, 2015! That includes an all-expenses paid trip as well!  (sigh dream destination!)

Attendees were given the chance to win Gatsby gift  packs and we were also treated to a highly entertaining show featuring performances from up and coming local acts and their impressive line of judges.

But for me, the highlight of the event was being able to support and cheer for my friend and co-blogger, Miko Carreon who was competing that day as part of St. Benilde's Romančon Crew:

Without bias, I think they were one of the best performers there. :)

 I find watching people dance highly entertaining and even more so during an intense competition like this. Everyone brought their A-game and I'm pretty confident that the Philippines has a big chance of winning the grand finals next year.

For a complete roster of colleges that participated + final list of winners, please visit: Gatsby Dance Competition Philippines on Facebook



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